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Lemon Bistek Tagalog Recipe

Swap out the calamansi for lemon in this easy hacked bistek version.
It's an easy hack but results in a super flavorful dish that tastes very similar to the original bistek Tagalog recipe you're familiar with. We made a slight change in citrus you normally use and instead of that signature calamansi flavor, lemon replaces it with ...

Pork Tapa Recipe

Got pork?
The tapa dish is a fast and easy recipe to make for breakfast. Make it more affordable for you to make every day with this easy swap! Use pork instead of beef for a meaty alternative that's just as delicious as the original ...

Chicken Goto Recipe

Comfort food at its best just got updated!
Do you know the differences between goto, lugaw, and congee? All of these are your basic rice porridge dishes usually made with malagkit rice that is simmered in lots of water to create a gruel. Chicken lugaw is more commonly known as ...

Ginataang Langka with Tinapa Recipe

Smoked fish makes this ginataang langka super delicious!
Smoked fish or tinapang galunggong is one of those ingredients that can instantly make your dish flavorful. The smoking process not only preserves the fish for a longer shelf life, but it also infuses it with the wood-burned flavor. This flavor is usually perfect to eat as ...

Pork Chop Bistek Recipe

Use fast-cooking pork chops instead.
One of the best reasons to cook at home is that you can be versatile. Whether you have an ingredient or not, you can tweak recipes to your liking.That's why swapping out one kind of meat for another kind is totally acceptable. This bistek recipe may classically be ...

Banana Turon in Rum Recipe

Make your turon extra special with this recipe.
Turon is a super easy recipe to make! You coat saba bananas in brown sugar, roll in lumpia wrappers, and then fry until golden brown and delicious. To amp up the caramelized sugar, melt more sugar and toss the cooked turon rolls back in the pan for another ...

Spicy Caramelized Ground Pork Recipe

You can caramelize sugar to make this pork recipe super tasty!
Do you love the caramelized sugar syrup on leche flan? If you do, then you'll love that this ground pork recipe uses a similar method to make it sweet and delicious! How was it done? Ground pork is sauteed in some aromatics first before sugar is ...

Tanigue Fish Salpicao Recipe

This easy fish recipe has the salty, garlicky flavors you love.
For recipes that call for fish, try to find the freshest fish you can get because you're going to want to be able to taste the fish with every bite. Easy recipes like this easy fish salpicao recipe that uses boneless tanigue fish chunks only require a few ingredients, so the freshness ...

Pinoy Buko Salad Recipe

This classic fruit salad for Christmas is what you should serve for this season.
A classic buko salad recipe is what you should serve for Christmas. While the buffet table may have cakes of all types, there's always room for this easy, no-bake dessert this holiday. To make this buko salad even better than others like it, this version has fruit cocktail in it ...

Fruity Maja Blanca Recipe

This maja blanca doesn't have corn; it's got fruit!
If you never liked corn in your dessert, then this is the maja blanca recipe you need to try! Take out the creamed-style corn and replace the corn with fruit cocktail and you've just made this dessert more festive.It's a great creamy dessert ...

Puto Bumbong and Cheese Lumpia Recipe

Let these upgraded crispy cheese sticks make you think of the holidays.
Puto bumbong is a classic holiday streetfood. However, it's not best once it has cooled down and no longer fresh from the vendor. Why not use that streetfood and make it even better? Pair it with cheese and then fry them into crispy sticks. These ...
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