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This Is How You Can Make The Most Flavorful Garlic Fried Rice

You don't need to wait for the oil to heat up.
Cooking sinangag is pretty commonplace for many Filipino households. It's the garlic fried rice that you serve with beef tapa, tocino, daing na bangus, and other breakfast fare.  While it's a simple recipe, the most basic consisting of toasted garlic tossed in day-old rice, we just ...

Recipes Using Leftover Rice You Didn't Think To Make

Cooked rice is an easy-to-use main ingredient.
Few Filipino households can hold a meal without steamed rice. The backbone of our cuisine, rice is hearty and filling. On its own, ulam can be extra flavorful, salty, and can be umami bombs. Rice tames the flavors and makes the meal more satisfying. We don't ...

Bibimbap Recipes To Make Instead Of Your Usual Fried Rice

These are loaded rice bowls!
Any Korean menu will have this dish on its menu: the bibimbap. You'll see that it's a popular dish and it's no wonder. It's a fried rice meal that is super satisfying as well as super tasty with the flavors and tastes ...

Everything You Need To Know To Make Perfect Fried Rice

We’ve got tons of useful tips to getting it right.
Fried rice is the quintessential home cook-friendly, fuss-free dish that is, more often than not, a welcome addition to breakfast or at times, even a complete meal. It’s almost unbelievable how versatile the fried rice is, and is the type of dish ...

Japanese Fried Rice Recipe

You don't need to go out to have this delicious Japanese fried rice!
Rice is life, and if you're one of those people who love their kanin, this Japanese-inspired fried rice version should make you want to eat even more! This isn't your ordinary fried rice recipe because it's got a secret Japanese fried rice cooking technique that ...

Bacsilog With Cheese Sauce Recipe

This popular all-day breakfast combo is made more delicious with its special sauce.
We created our own version of the famous Bacsilog, a breakfast meal that has bacon, sunny-side up egg, and sinangag or fried rice. For our version, we made an umami-packed fried rice and a special cheese sauce with some added heat to ...

Sinangag na Sinigang (Sinigang Fried Rice) Recipe

This sinigang fried rice uses sinigang mix for that tangy flavor punch.
Can’t get enough of the classic Filipino sinigang? Try this fried rice version that’s packed with the same tangy goodness. ...

WATCH: 4 Fantastic Fried Rice Recipes

Step up your fried rice game with these easy recipes.
Pro-tip: leftover rice makes for the best fried rice!  ...

WATCH: Silog Combos You Need to Try

Pinoy-perfect meal!
Take sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (eggs) to the next level with these delicious silog combo ideas! ...

6 Fried Rice Recipes to Go With Your Tapsilog

Tapsilog just got more exciting with these sinangag recipes!
Tapsilog—the quintessential Pinoy meal which consists of tapa, singangag (fried rice), and itlog (fried egg)—is a hearty protein-rich morning meal a lot of Filipinos love. How to make your tapsilog more exciting? These six fried rice recipes will help you mix and ...

Adobo Flakes with Sinangag and Spicy Eggs

Turn leftover adobo into a tasty silog meal!
Turn leftover adobo into a tasty silog meal! ...
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