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Delicious Sitaw Recipes That Will Make You Feel Full

Recipes with green beans cook fast and can be ready to eat in minutes.
Sitaw or long green beans are a staple in Filipino cuisine. It's a lowland vegetable crop, which includes ampalaya, kalabasa, upo, talong, okra, corn, and kamote. You can make these simple sitaw recipes, all of which are tasty and filling without the addition of so many ingredients.  If ...

Adobong Sitaw with Chicken Recipe

Make your adobong sitaw heartier with some fast-cooking chicken.
Make cooking your adobong sitaw recipe faster just by making the simple swap from using pork to chicken. Since you don't have to wait for the pork to become tender, you can immediately toss everything together and serve it in minutes!It's the ...

Crispy Sitaw Recipe

This makes the crispiest green bean snack!
String beans are highly underrated, and this easy recipe will make you appreciate how easy it is to prepare. Plus, this makes a delicious snack or pica-pica food for any gathering.  ...

WATCH: How to Make Adobong Sitaw

This veggie dish will be ready in under 30 minutes!
Looking for an easy-to-make vegetable dish? This string beans dish tossed in a savory adobo sauce is a fuss-free recipe. It's perfect for weekdays plus, it's healthy, too.2 tablespoons oil2 cloves garlic, chopped1 medium onion, chopped1 medium tomato, chopped¼ kilo pork kasim, ...

Ginisang Sitaw at Kalabasa (Sautéed Green Beans and Squash) Recipe

This stir-fry is a healthy side dish that comes together in only a few minutes.
Need a quick and easy pick-me-up? Try this ginisang sitaw at kalabasa recipe!This stir-fry is a healthy side dish that comes together in only a few minutes. Sautéing the vegetables gives it a beautiful and vibrant color that is sure to make ...

WATCH: How to Make Ginataang Hipon, Sitaw at Kalabasa

A simple yet hearty Filipino dish with shrimp and veggies cooked in coconut milk.
A quick, simple yet hearty Filipino dish. Make sure to let the coconut milk simmer until it becomes a little oily in consistency—this gives your dish creamy tones. ...

Adobong Sitaw (Adobo-style String Beans) Recipe

Looking for an easy, healthy dish you can whip up?
This Filipino dish with string beans cooked adobo-style is easy to do, plus it's a healthy dish to boot.    ...

Ginataang Hipon, Sitaw at Kalabasa Recipe (Shrimp in Coconut Milk)

A simple yet a hearty dish with shrimp, veggies, and creamy sauce made with coconut milk.
This ginataang hipon recipe is cooked in coconut milk and other delicious ingredients. It makes for a hearty dish filled with vegetables such as squash and string beans. Want to make it extra healthy? Add in a few bundles of kangkong. This ...

Pork and Beans

The is a snap to make and uses just one pan!
The pork and beans dish is also a snap to put together and uses just one pan - that means less to clean up afterwards and less energy spent. It's also a great way to get your family to eat their greens. ...
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