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You Only Need One Pot For These Recipes

You'll make quick-cooking and super tender meat recipes that you'll love.
One-pot dishes aren't just easy to make. These dishes make some of the most flavorful recipes, too. While many of these types of dishes take hours to make, such as the slow-cooked recipes, one-pot dishes also include stir-fried dishes that are quickly cooked dishes ...

The Perfect Kitchen Appliance To Invest In This Rainy Season

Effortless, delicious meals will be waiting for you when you get home!
In the Philippines, the rainy season is no joke. It affects not just the temperatures, but also the traffic. We become more prone to getting sick during these wet months and traveling becomes even harder.What we need during such trying times is ...

These Recipes Prove Buying a Slow Cooker Is Worth It

Save time making comforting soups and stews with a gadget that costs less than P2,000!
The slow cooker is the ultimate kitchen tool, especially for people who want to prepare hearty home-cooked meals but don’t quite have the time to actually do it. As its name suggests, a slow cooker slowly cooks your food over considerably low ...

WATCH: How to Make Callos

Slow cooking is key to making this Spanish-Filipino recipe!
Callos or ox tripe stew is a Spanish-Filipino recipe made of ox tripe, chorizo, and veggies cooked in a delicious tomato-based sauce. The key to tasty and tender callos is cooking the ox tripe slowly over medium-high heat.1 kilogram ox-tripe, cleaned and ...

Kinamatisang Buto-buto (Pork Bones and Tomato Stew) Recipe

Made with tasty pork ribs, this stew is simple and easy to prepare.
Need a quick and easy meal? This stew is perfect for you! Made with tasty pork ribs and vegetables, this is sure to keep you warm during the rainy season. It's simple to prepare and barely takes up any time, giving you ...

Everything You Need To Know About Slow Cooking

Braising is a good cook’s secret weapon.
Some of the best things in life take time, especially when it comes to food. The tastiest things often take a bit of patience to make, and stews are proof of that.  While a great braise or stew may take quite a ...

Slow-cooker Beef Shank Stew

Use your slow cooker and be amazed at how fuss-free preparing Italian-inspired osso buco can be.
Use your slow cooker and be amazed at how fuss-free preparing Italian-inspired osso buco can be with this quick and easy recipe of Slow-cooker Beef Shank Stew. When ready to serve, remove the bay leaves. Try It! ...
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