Panda Express' First-Ever Manila Branch: Opening Date, Menu, And Prices

All the details you need to know!
It’s been a long time coming, but Panda Express is finally opening its first-ever Philippine branch at SM Megamall on December 12. Obviously, ordering their famous Original Orange Chicken is a no-brainer regardless if it’s your first or the nth time, but ...

These Shake Shack Items Will Only Be Available At The New SM Megamall Branch

This is the second Philippine branch of Shake Shack.
Last April, Shake Shack finally opened its first Philippines branch in Central Square for the hungry Manila crowd. They launched Manila-exclusives then, namely the Ube Shake and frozen custards that came in Uuube-by Baby, Calamansi Pie Oh-My, and Shack Attack flavors.In case you ...

Here's A Sneak Peek Of The Panda Express Menu For The Manila Branch

We can't wait to try these dishes!
As a country that has an undying love for chicken–no matter how it’s cooked, no matter the flavor–we totally understand the growing excitement that Panda Express is finally opening its first Manila-based branch in SM Megamall. Fortunately, Jollibee Foods Corporation will be bringing ...

This Famous Bigger-Than-Your-Hand Taiwanese Fried Chicken Is Now In Manila!

This is their first-ever Manila branch.
Taiwan is known for its night markets and street food. There’s the milk tea, stinky tofu, scallion pancakes, xiao long bao, lu wei that can keep your tummies filled without even stepping in a restaurant. And then there’s the Taiwanese-style fried chicken–they’re ...

Enjoy P50 Milk Tea For The Whole Month Of October

You do not want to miss this, milk tea fans.
Milk tea is slowly becoming a part of our daily indulgences, but drinking milk tea on a day to day basis is not exactly budget-friendly. Most milk tea shops offer these beverages with a P100 price point, but, thankfully, you can have your ...

What You Need To Know About Panda Express' Orange Chicken

Are you excited to dine at their first Manila branch?
Ordering Panda Express’ Original Orange Chicken is a no-brainer, especially for first-timers. Now that Panda Express is opening its first-ever Manila branch in SM Megamall, we ought to let you take this crash course about how Panda Express’ Original Orange Chicken became ...

Hong Kong's Famous Mango Dessert Is Coming to Manila

We can't wait for mango sago!
Mango has always been a Pinoy staple—if you remember your elementary-school classes, you'd know that it's our national fruit, after all. But mangoes really took the spotlight this year, with many queueing up for the popular mango-float dessert that was all over social ...
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