You Can Get Twister Fries at SM Supermarket's Freezer Aisle!

You can make twister fries at home!
This has to be one of our favorite grocery finds so far: endless (okay, not really endless, but close enough) rows and rows of ready-to-fry potato cuts!SM Supermarket has a dedicated portion of their freezer aisle for them. All you have to ...

This NEW Pancit Canton Flavor Is Spicy And Cheesy!

Cheese + spicy noodles!
Have you tried adding cheese to your bowl of ramen? Adding cheese to your noodles with a spicy broth or sauce is an underrated instant noodle hack that elevates the dish. If you want to try this spicy and cheesy flavor combination ...

Love Chocolate And Bananas? Try This Pocky Flavor

Perfect for dessert or merienda!
When it comes to biscuit sticks, Filipinos grew up with the likes of Stick-O, Yan-Yan, or Yum Yum. If you have ever scoured the grocery aisles, you may have come across different foreign brands, one of which is Pocky. Pocky is a ...
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