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The Trick To Preventing Watery Mashed Potatoes

Boiling potatoes? Prevent water-logged potatoes by letting it steam dry.
Creamy, luscious mashed potatoes is a beautiful and delicious side dish. It’s the natural complement to roasted and fried meats. It’s wonderfully easy to flavor as well.But if you have ever tried to make mashed potatoes at home and ended up with ...

The 5-Step Guide to Making Smooth and Fluffy Mashed Potatoes

Learn the secrets to making ultra-fluffy mashed potatoes in your own kitchen!
You don't need fancy equipment to make smooth and fluffy mashed potatoes at home. It's all about proper preparation and technique! 1  Salt, salt, salt.Always place a good amount of salt in the water that you use to boil your potatoes. This ...
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