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You Can Make These Dishes In a Toaster Oven in 30 Minutes or Less!

Quick and fancy bites brought to you by the humble toaster oven!
Who says fancy dinners need fancy kitchen appliances and a lot of time? All you need is a toaster oven! If you don’t already have one, it’s a great investment for less than a thousand pesos. These aren’t your regular lazy-night dinners, ...

WATCH: How to Make S'mores Brownies

Brownies + buttery crust + toasty marshmallows!
Put brownies together with a campfire favorite—s'mores—and enjoy this childhood snack in a completely new, fun, and indulgent way. S'mores BrowniesPrep time 30 minutesCooking time 40 minutesMakes 1 (8x8-inch) pan1 1/2 cups graham crackers crumbs1/3 cup butter, melted1/3 cup sugar1 cup semi-sweet chocolate ...

Strawberry S'mores Recipe

End your meal with a dessert that requires just four ingredients and four easy steps.
End your meal with a dessert that requires just four ingredients and four easy steps. These strawberry s'mores will do the trick!  ...

WATCH: Make 3 Different Kinds of Cookies From One Batch of Cookie Dough

Simple mix-ins make for delicious cookies!
One basic cookie dough plus two mix-ins per cookie makes 3 delicious types of cookies! We used graham crackers, marshmallows, nuts, and chocolate on our version. Feel free to make the cookies your own by adding your favorite flavors!Basic Cookie Dough1½ cups ...

No-Bake S'mores Bars Recipe

This no-bake dessert is loaded with chocolate. S'more, please!
Turn the classic campfire treat into a delicious no-bake chocolate bar dessert. These no-bake s'mores bars are fun to make with the kids! They will enjoy preparing the different layers to the bars.  ...

Decadent and Moist S'mores Brownies Recipe

This basic brownie recipe is sandwiched between toasty mallows and a buttery crust!
Enjoy your s'mores in a completely new way! We've sandwiched our basic brownie recipe between a toasted blanket of mallows and a buttery graham cracker crust. ...

WATCH: Treat Yourself to Milkshakes This Weekend

Shake, shake, shake it off with these 3 indulgent milkshake recipes!
Shake the week’s worries away and have a milkshake party this weekend! Here are three easy recipes for you to try:Leche Flan MilkshakeIn a blender, combine ½ tin leche flan. 2 to 3 (depends on how thick you want them) heaping scoops ...

WATCH: 4 Fun Ways to Enjoy S'mores

S'more ideas for s'more fun!
Here are four fun ideas to take s'mores to the next level!graham crackers + peanut butter + marshmallows + chocolategraham crackers + Nutella spread + marshmallows + crisp rice + chocolategraham crackers + coconut flakes + jam + marshmallows + chocolategraham crackers ...

S'mores Pudding Recipe

The campfire favorite is transformed into a personal-sized treat!
The campfire favorite is transformed into a personal-sized treat! Try this s'mores dessert this summer. ...
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