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S&R Or Landers: Which Membership Card Should You Get?

Join the club!
Images of carts upon carts of groceries are not uncommon at S&R or Landers. These two giant supermarkets housed warehouse-style are also known as warehouse clubs or superstores and are membership-only stores. This exclusivity is tempting and "joining the club" is one of the many reasons ...

S&R Just Added Chicken Burrito to Their Diner Menu

Get it on your next grocery run!
S&R is best known for the unique food and household finds inside its gargantuan grocery shopping complex, but it's hard to drop by for an errand without also getting tempted by their popular New York-style pizza and other tasty dining options. And ...

You Can Get These Korean Almonds In Tiramisu, Tteokbokki, And More New Flavors At S&R

Fair warning: these nuts can get addicting!
If you're obsessed with all things Korean whether music, drama, or cuisine, you've probably heard of the popular Korean snack known as Tom's Farm almonds, which are typically available in fun flavors like honey butter and wasabi. If you love this addicting ...

You Can Get This Crepe Maker For Less Than P2,000 At S&R

You can also use it to cook pancakes, egg, bacon, and more!
Raise your hand if you have an unconditional, irrevocable love for crepes! The popular French dessert is one of those treats that's good for all seasons, most notably because of its versatility. You can have it sweet or savory, light or rich, day or ...

This New S&R Branch Offers Discounts On Kirkland Chocolate, Ramen Noodles, And More!

You do not want to miss this.
Just in case you missed it: S&R Membership Shopping recently opened a new branch in New Manila, Quezon City last January 24, 2020. As an opening treat, they are offering branch-exclusive promos and discounts you do not want to miss.S&R New Manila promos ...

You Can Find Delicious, Affordable Birthday Cakes At S&R

They even have rainbow cakes!
One of the many things we love about membership shopping stores like S&R is the sheer range of what is available. You can find everything in these superstores that you may want from abroad! S&R offers a more curated selection than what your usual grocery ...

4 Kitchen Small Appliances You Can Give To Yourself

Think about yourself and what you want this Christmas, too.
When Christmas rolls in, our first thoughts about gifts are usually about what we would love to give to our friends and family. It's not often that you get to choose what gift you would like to get for yourself.  Why not think of yourself ...

You Can Score These Small Kitchen Appliances At The "Buy 1, Take 1" Sale At S&R!

It's the most wonderful time of the year for appliance shopping.
S&R may be known for its amazing range of imported products for the home, but there is more to the membership shopping club than just food. It's got a wide selection of other things, too, that you may need around the house ...

S&R's New Pizza Is Topped With Your Favorite Fiesta Ham!

What’s Christmas without ham?
You know we’ve officially entered the Christmas season when tomato sauces, fruit cocktails, different types of cheeses, and different kinds of holiday hams occupy larger places in the supermarket. S&R's new pizza is topped with these Christmas favorites, just in time for the holidays.The Holiday Feast ...
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