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OMG, The Lost Bread's New Ice Cream Tastes Like Mug Root Beer!

Love root beer float? This one's for you.
If you love root beer floats, you know that satisfying slurp with vanilla ice cream melding with fizzy root beer, creating a foamy, bubbly, and doubly-refreshing icy beverage. Another way you can enjoy this root-beer-and-ice-cream combo is with The Lost Bread’s new Mug Root ...

Heads Up, Manila Folks: Here's How to Score One-Peso Soft-Serve This Month

You have until January 31!
We're officially past the first-week mark of January, which means there are certain New Year's resolutions that my have already been ruined. It doesn't help that The Lost Bread's has a sweet new offer over at their branch in Robinsons Place Manila: ...

Is Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Opening It's First-Ever Cafe?

Looks like we can get their fluffy Japanese souffles soon.
Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is known for its rich cheesecakes, salt and camembert cookies, and the creamy Cow-Cow soft serve. It’s been the same selection of food items for quite some time now, only with the exception of having it in different ...

'90s Kids, Are You Ready For Butter Ball-Flavored Soft Serve?

Top it with chocolate caramel popcorn!
Peter’s Butter Balls will always have a special place in every '90s kids heart who grew up spending loose change to buy a handful of these butterscotch candies. The Lost Bread takes us on another trip down memory lane, after their HawHaw and Chocnut ice ...

This Food Hall Gives You Delicious Reasons To Keep Coming Back

Because you can't try everything with just one visit.
These days, food halls are giving customers more reasons to eat out. Unlike generic food courts of the past, the newer food halls in Metro Manila offered more than just food. The Grid at the Powerplant Mall, which opened in July 2018, put ...

Le Sucre Lab's Dreamcakes Find A New Home In Their First-Ever Cafe!

It's time to take a trip down south for Dreamcakes and new desserts!
Le Sucre Lab is known for their Dreamcakes—the moist chocolate cake with a thick ganache on top inside a round tin can. Different dreamy Dreamcakes followed their Chocolate Dreamcake, like the limited-edition Mango Dreamcake and Strawberry Dreamcake. Now, Le Sucre Lab’s first-ever cafe comes ...

The Lost Bread Is Giving Away FREE Soft Serve On National Ice Cream Day!

Mark your calendars!
Every third Sunday of July is the celebration of National Ice Cream Day. It’s another day of the year when you can eat as much ice cream as you want with no judgment. The best way to celebrate? With ice cream, of course! ...

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory Has a New Strawberry-licious Dessert!

It's bliss in a cup!
No rainy weather can stop us from enjoying ice cream–especially when it’s creamy, sweet, and has strawberries! Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory has recently released its strawberry-flavored version of their signature desserts, the Strawberry & Milk Tea Cookies, and the Strawberry Milk Cheese Cake.The most recent ...

This Soft Serve Gets a Shot of Sweetness From Tequila Rose

But without the alcohol!
Some people are able to down shot after shot of tequila like it's water—no judgment here! But for those who can't stand the strong taste of alcohol but still want that buzz, there's Tequila Rose. The strawberry-cream liqueur has a fruity, creamy ...

Here's Where You Can Get Choc Nut Soft-Serve This Summer

It'll only be available for a limited time!
Any Pinoy kid who grew up in the time before Google (and well, even after) would know the simple pleasure of unwrapping a crumbly piece of Choc Nut, and letting that unmistakable fusion of nutty, chocolaty, homey goodness melt on your tongue. ...

Keep Your Cool With Buy-One-Take-One Frosty

If you can't take the heat anymore, this is for you!
The summer months are almost upon us, which means we're already in the mood for ice cream! If you're feeling the same way, Wendy's has your back because they've got a deal you shouldn't miss: Until April 15, buy any size Frosty ...

McDonald's Now Has Chocolate Soft-Serve!

But for a limited time only!
For a quick sweet fix that won't hurt the budget, you can count on McDonald's and their soft-serve. The creamy vanilla ice cream works well by itself on a cone or topped with your choice of syrup (if you drop by a ...
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