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KITCHEN TRICKS: How To Make Sopas More Delicious

You can be creative in what you add to your bowl of sopas!
Chicken sopas is one of those soups that warms the heart. It's a classic sick "cure" of mothers for their children who are usually feeling unwell. It's an easy recipe to make, and it is said to warm the soul, as well. As homey ...

Be Comforted With These Delicious Chicken Soup Recipes

These slurp-worthy bowls will warm you from the inside out!
Chicken soup is said to be good for the soul. It's also pretty delicious and good for your body, too! It's an undeniably comforting dish that is easy to make with as few ingredients needed as you want it to have. You can have your ...

Mistakes You're Making When Cooking Chicken Sopas

Make the best tasting sopas in your life.
Chicken soup is said to be the dish that soothes the soul. It's a heartwarming dish in many ways! Sure, it's a delicious meal to make, especially when you're feeling less than your best.The usual chicken sopas recipe is usually loaded with chicken chunks or shredded chicken pieces ...

Homemade Chicken Balls And Corn Sopas Recipe

This meaty sopas gets hearty and delicious with chicken balls and corn.
Sopas may just be the ultimate comfort food! It's the bowl of soup that you savored every chilly day, the spoonful you sipped when you didn't feel well, and the super delicious flavor that reminds you of home and your childhood. Every chicken sopas recipe ...

This 78-Year Old Lola Makes One Of Cavite City's Comforting Dishes

You need to try calandracas, this special sopas-like soup good for any occasion.
Just an hour’s drive away from SM Mall of Asia, is manang Lily Escobar’s home, tucked in the heart of Cavite City. From her two kitchens there, she churns out delicious, traditional Cavite home-cooked dishes that her friends, mga suki, and family feast ...

12 Chicken Soup Recipes to Warm Your Soul

As the weather gets colder, our soups get warmer.
The holidays are coming and the air will soon become nippy and cold. Here are a few chicken soup recipes when you want to cap off a cold day with a bowl of warm soup. An added bonus is that chicken soup helps fight off colds, ...

5 Ways To Make Sopas Better and Tastier

Upgrade your usual chicken noodle soup with a sopas made more hearty!
The rainy season is here and with it are chilly mornings, damp and cool evenings. You can definitely have your usual instant mami or a simple sopas to stave off the cold, but why settle for an ordinary bowl when you could be ...

WATCH: How to Make Milky Sopas

We made twists to this comforting soup!
Sopas is one of the most comforting dishes around. We played with the classic chicken soup recipe and added herbs like sage leaves and cinnamon to give this soup a boost of flavor. It's really good!  ...

Milky Sopas Recipe

Try adding cinnamon to this simple and comforting soup.
Sopas is one of those time-tested dishes you turn to when you want something simple and comforting. Try adding cinnamon to this simple soup recipe! ...

WATCH: How to Make Chicken Sopas

This hearty chicken sopas recipe spells comfort!
Beat the cold weather blues with a hearty and comforting bowl of this one-pot, creamy chicken soup recipe. ...

Chicken Sopas (Chicken Soup) Recipe

Little else is as comforting as hearty chicken soup!
This easy chicken soup recipe is comfort food on any given day. Carrots and celery add crunch to this classic chicken soup. ...

Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

Add more heft to instant ramen and turn it into a comforting bowl of milky sopas.
Add more heft to instant ramen and turn it into a comforting bowl of milky sopas. ...
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