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Japanese Cream Cheese Pancakes Recipe

These airy, light pancakes are known as souffle pancakes.
These super fluffy, ultra-soft souffle pancakes made with cream cheese are made super fluffy because of the whipped egg whites. It's so full of air, this Japanese cream cheese souffle pancakes recipe is the ultimate breakfast meal. Serve these light-as-air pancakes with chopped ...

Everything You Need To Know About Hong Kong's Popular Souffle Pancakes

We have the deets of the menu, prices, location, and opening promo! is a Hong Kong-based shop known for its Japanese souffle pancakes. They only have one branch located along Nathan Road in Mongkok and the second branch in Asia is in Manila!’s grand opening is scheduled on October 26, 2019, at the newly-opened ...

These Fluffy Pancakes From HK Are Coming to Manila

You have to try the Creme Brulee Souffle Pancake Series!
Hong Kong's unique identity that blends Eastern and Western influences holds true even for their food. Hence, together with dim sum, Cantonese roasts, and noodles, you can also find gems like and their jiggly souffle pancakes. If you haven't had the ...

These Cheese Cups Make You Feel Like You're Biting Into A Cloud Of Cheese!

We're never going down from this cheese heaven!
Kumori, which peddles freshly baked Japanese treats, recently launched the new Fuwari Cheese Cups ("Fuwari" means fluffy). Get a scoopful and you will see that there are three layers that makes Fuwari cheese cups simple but so delicious: there’s the creamy cheese filling on the ...

Cheese Soufflé Recipe

This is a light and perfectly puffed baked treat!
This baked egg dish may seem like a complicated dish to make. But if you keep these tips in mind and practice often, you’ll be able to whip up a light and perfectly puffed baked treat in no time! ...

Frozen Souffles

Layers of ice cream, lady fingers, topped with fruits.
Hot soufflés may be difficult to perfect, but this cold version is so easy to make. You can prepare and store these "soufflés" in the freezer a day or two before serving.  ...

Apple and Cinnamon Ensaymada Pudding

This recipe calls for ensaymada, enveloped not only in custard, but in light clouds of meringue.
Take the humble pudding a notch higher with this decadent dessert. Instead of day-old bread, this recipe calls for ensaymada, enveloped not only in custard, but in light clouds of meringue as well. It's a sinful pudding-souffle hybrid! ...
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