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This McDo Iced Coffee + Ice Cream Coffee Hack From South Korea Looks So Delish!

This hack is doable here in the Philippines.
After South Korea started the Dalgona coffee trend, they now have a new coffee trend this 2021 called the McBassett, which is essentially a different kind of affogato you can make by combining McDonald’s coffee and McDonald’s ice cream.The McBassett involves ordering ...

Say Hello To 'Croiffle:" A Croissant + Waffle Food Trend From South Korea

Here's how you can make the croiffle at home!
South Korea is home to many food trends—there’s the 2020 essential aka Dalgona Coffee, the flavorful Korean fried chicken, and the goguma bbang (a bread shaped like a real purple sweet potato). Lately, a new favorite among the South Korean lifestyle vloggers is ...

A Food Itinerary Based On Netflix's "To All The Boys: Always And Forever"

For your future trip to Seoul and New York City!
To All The Boys: Always And Forever, the third and last installment of the Netflix trilogy, has finally dropped on Netflix just in time for the long weekend and Valentine’s Day. For those who haven’t read the books, the premise of the third ...

What's Up With These Food Trucks Your Fave K-Drama Stars Are Posting On Social Media?

How much does it cost to send a coffee truck?
Do you also stalk your favorite Hallyu idols' Instagram after finishing 16 hour-long episodes of their latest Korean drama as you wait for their next project? Because, same! For those who have ever gone down this rabbit hole, you've probably flooded their Instagram with ...

Where To Order Delicious Gimbaps To Satisfy Your K-ravings

One roll is not enough!
Korean dishes have reached the top spot in our list of favorite comfort food. There’s tteokbokki, Korean corndogs, ramyeon, jjajangmyeon, and a whole lot more. Now here’s something that comes in the form of a roll—gimbap!What makes gimbap extraordinary is that it’s ...

Did You Know South Korea Has A Special Holiday Called Pepero Day?

November 11 has a different meaning in South Korea.
November 11 might be another normal day for anyone or for those who love online shopping, it’s a day of online promos and discounts. But in South Korea, they celebrate an unofficial Valentine's-like holiday called Pepero Day on November 11.Yes, it’s a day that revolves around ...

Meet Korea's Famous "Shooting Star" Ice Cream Flavor!

We found one in a Korean supermarket!
Did you know that in Korea, there's a Baskin Robbins flavor called "Shooting Star" that's exclusively available at their branches? The Shooting Star is basically soda-flavored ice cream with strawberry swirls and blue popping candy.This flavor is incredibly famous all over South Korea ...

A Guide To The Delicious Side Dishes At Korean Barbecue Restos

Have you tried them all?
When you’re dining in a Korean Barbecue restaurant, you will encounter the servers placing numerous small bowls right in front of you—more often than not, even before the main course arrives. These small bowls are not to be confused for appetizers, these ...
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