Spam and Veggie Fried Rice

Looking for a one-bowl meal to pack as baon for the kids?

Spicy Pimiento and Peppered Spam Tea Sandwiches

For the pimiento spread, omit the chili flakes and hot pepper sauce if you'd like to serve it to children.

Spam Sushi with Balsamic Teriyaki

This next-to-no-prep tiny treat brings a modern twist to the classic Japanese favorite.

Spam and Scrambled Egg Fried Rice with Mushrooms

Two breakfast faves are combined with rice and mushrooms to make a new savory lunch treat.

WATCH: 4 Fantastic Fried Rice Recipes

Step up your fried rice game with these easy recipes.

Tomato and Spam Pasta Recipe

This tomato pasta has chunks of salty Spam in it!

Crispy Spam Musubi Recipe

Spam musubi is a spam and rice sushi treat that is popular in Hawaii. Serve it as a snack!

WATCH: How to Make Spam Fried Rice

Busy day ahead? Here's a quick and tasty recipe you can try!

Monggo with Spam Recipe

This monggo chowder gets a kick of flavor from Spam.

Spam and Kimchi Fried Rice Recipe

Top this fried rice with a runny fried egg!

WATCH: How to Make Caramelized Spam

Turn this childhood favorite into a sweet plate everyone will love!

All the Delicious Things You Can Do With Luncheon Meat

The ready-to-eat meat product is surprisingly versatile.
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