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For Spicy Food Fans: This Sushi Bake Is Topped With Flamin' Hot Cheetos

Looking to try something different?
By now, you’ve probably tried some variation of sushi bake, a quarantine food trend that is still being consumed months after it first appeared on our social media feeds. For those who love this deconstructed sushi, there’s one sushi bake that you ...

Spicy Ginataang Hipon Recipe

Chili makes this dish more delicious.
Coconut milk and shrimp are simply sauteed for this simple dish, made more appetizing with the chilis. To make this even more special, this ginataang hipon recipe gets a boost in umami from the bagoong or shrimp paste. That plus the spiciness makes this ...

K-BBQ Fans, You Need To Try This Spicy Beef

It's only available for the whole month of January 2020.
There's no denying it: the Korean wave in the Philippines is here to stay. One of our favorites is the Korean barbecue, where you get unlimited meats and ban chan (side dishes) which you may grill yourself.If you're a fan of spicy food, Romantic ...

WATCH: How To Make Cucumber Kimchi

This is spicy delicious!
If you love kimchi (a Korean side dish made with fermented vegetables) but scared of the long process, you need to try this easy recipe. The traditional kimchi is made with napa cabbage and Korean radish, but we used cucumbers for this ...

WATCH: This Is The Spicy Adobong Pusit You Will Crave

If you love spicy squid, this is the adobo recipe you've been waiting for.
There are very few squid recipes that are more popular than the adobong pusit recipe. When the squid has been made into adobong pusit recipe, it's elevated into a dish that's both savory and tangy from the iconic sauce and sweet from the squid pieces. The ...

Spicy Tokwang Adobo Recipe

Tofu gets tossed in a fiery adobo sauce for a different take on the dish.
It's easy to find easy ways to make adobo. The combination of soy sauce and vinegar is really delicious! The sauce is a great way to make anything, including, tofu, flavorful and appetizing. Instead of making it your usual tofu adobo, this one is spiced ...

How To Save Your Too-Spicy Dish

Tame that heat like a boss.
Was it a flick of the wrist that caused all that cayenne or chili powder to come pouring into your dish? Perhaps you only just tasted your dish, but belatedly realized that the spice was just taking a while to kick in? ...

Spicy Calamari Recipe

Breaded squid rings get spicy.
Fried calamari is made spicier and tastier with a variety of spices added to the breading, transforming these squid rings into a snack that's more flavorful and definitely more appetizing.  Use frozen squid rings! We found that frozen squid remains softer, more tender than ...

Taters Is Now Serving Sriracha-Flavored Snacks!

Who doesn't love the heat of Sriracha?
Is popcorn your fave go-to snack for movie dates? Meet Tater’s new Blockbuster Sriracha series! If you are a huge fan of the spicy flavors coming from the iconic red bottle with the bright green nozzle, you just have to try it combined ...

Spicy Mexican Chicken Taco Recipe

Get family and friends involved by letting them assemble their own tacos! If you’re serving children, take out the cayenne pepper.
Get family and friends involved by letting them assemble their own tacos! If you’re serving children, take out the cayenne pepper. ...

Chicken Chili

Add a pop of heat to a family favorite.
Add a pop of heat to a family favorite. ...

Spicy Eggplant with Minced Meat Recipe

The tomato and ground pork sauce gives this dish its delicious kick!
The tomato and ground pork sauce give this dish its delicious kick! This flavorful, spicy eggplant with minced meat recipe is simple and can be made in 10 to 15 minutes. Best served with hot steamed rice. ...
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