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Vietnamese Fried Lumpia Recipe

Serve it with a homemade sweet-spicy dipping sauce!
The Vietnamese have their own classic lumpia. Known as cha gio, these fried spring rolls are wrapped, not in the usual lumpia wrapper made from flour, water, and eggs, but in rice paper if you want to achieve a more authentic cha gio. If you can't find rice ...

Spicy Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

A little spice makes it extra delicious!
Lumpiang shanghai recipes are easy and delicious. These are instant hits at any table and while super tasty, a little heat and spice can only make it even more appetizing. We used siling labuyo and chili-garlic sauce to give these some heat and spice but you can also try stirring in hot ...

Here Are Delicious Lumpiang Gulay Recipes To Try

Try these veggie-loaded lumpia recipes.
Whenever you see lumpia, the automatic thought is that it's going to be delicious. These are the ultimate party food made into handy rolls. You can never eat less than just one piece! Lumpia stuffed with vegetables are just as classic as those stuffed ...

Lumpiang Togue Recipe

These asavory spring rolls are stuffed with togue.
Spring rolls are served mainly as snacks and appetizers. I call the savory kind as "lumpia" and the sweet versions as "turon". For the savory lumpia, there are two kinds: the fried ones and the fresh version. The fresh version is called lumpiang ...

Everything You Need To Know About Making Delicious Lumpia

Keep it delicious by following these simple tips and tricks! 
Fried lumpia is like a gift that keeps on giving. It’s favored by Filipinos of all ages; it’s one of the easiest dishes to prepare - even in advance - and it stocks up well in the freezer for months. Plus, it pairs perfectly ...

Easy Tuna Lumpiang Shanghai Recipe

Take your usual lumpia recipe and swap out the pork with canned tuna.
This easy lumpia recipe is your average lumpiang shanghai made easier with canned tuna and three other basic ingredients. It's perfect for vegetarians and the Lenten season!   ...

KITCHEN TRICKS: This Is How You Can Make Better Lumpia

This trick ensures that your lumpia rolls are sealed tight.
We all love lumpia. These fried spring rolls, or egg rolls, are pretty common. It can be savory when stuffed with a seasoned ground meat mixture or sweet when you caramelize brown sugar and bananas in its crispy rolls. Whichever way you like your lumpia, one common ...

Chicken Veggie Lumpia Recipe

This crunchy chicken lumpia recipe is fantastic served with a garlicky sauce.
Lumpia is almost always present at parties and gatherings so it's hard to find a recipe that differs from the one you currently use. But this is a lumpia recipe you may want to try. It's a chicken lumpia recipe!Chicken is cubed and tossed with a simple mix ...

A Beginner's Guide to Classic Chinese Dim Sum

Make sure you don’t confuse “dumplings” with “dim sum”.
The Chinese Dim Sum is a feast for the senses: carts with steamers filled with dumplings, buns, rolls, and meat dishes offer dizzying choices, especially for the uninitiated. Traditionally served from morning to mid-afternoon, this meal is also called “yum cha” and ...

Chicken Spring Rolls Recipe

You can make these chicken spring rolls with leftover roast chicken.
This fresh spring rolls recipe is stuffed with vermicelli noodles and leftover roast chicken. Pack these chicken spring rolls for an office or school snack.  ...

Banoffee and Apple Pie Spring Rolls Recipe

Your kids will love these new versions of sweet lumpia!
Your kids will love these new versions of sweet lumpia! ...
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