This Simple Decorating Hack Will Make Your Desserts Unbelievably Gorgeous

Thank you, GlamPop!
We found a genius hack for churning out the prettiest desserts out there. It makes everything easier, from clean-up all the way to prep time. One easy decorating go-to is the good old bag of rainbow sprinkles. But here lies the dilemma: ...

WATCH: How To Make An Easy Sprinkles Cake

Rainbow sprinkles make every cake better, inside and out!
Using rainbow sprinkles as decoration is the fast and easy way to instantly add color to any cake. It's so easy, the kids can help garnish an otherwise plain cake into one that's eye-catching and colorful. It's no wonder that someone discovered that adding ...

Surprise Birthday Cake Cupcakes Recipe

These cupcakes hold a fun and festive surprise in its center: sprinkles!
Bite into one and you'll not only taste the tender vanilla cake its made of, but also discover an outflowing of rainbow sprinkles! Surprise!  ...
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