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S&R New York Style Pizza Has A NEW Baked Roll

Pair this with a serving of clam chowder!
There's more to S&R New York Style Pizza than just their ginormous, bigger-than-your-face pizzas, they also have underrated items like the Chicken Baked Roll with Bacon! If you love this stuffed baked roll as much as we do, S&R New York Style ...

S&R's New Promo Bundles Up Pizza, Chicken Wings, Pasta, And Drinks For Only P999

Perfect for your next pizza party!
Are you always “G!” for a pizza party? S&R New York Style Pizza's ginormous pizzas never disappoint! For your next pizza party with the fam or friends, S&R has a great Threesome Deal you do not want to miss out on.The Threesome ...

Love S&R's Clam Chowder? We Found A Canned Version That Tastes The Same

We know where you can buy the canned clam chowder!
S&R New York Style Pizza isn't all about their larger-than-your-face-sized pizza slices and it shouldn't be, not when you have underrated food items such as the Clam Chowder on the menu. This is a super creamy soup bursting with flavors of the ocean, ...

Here's How You Can Get A 50% Discount On S&R Pizza

This promo is exclusively available for delivery!
Pizza is always a good idea and you can never go wrong with it, may it be for breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner, or midnight snack. If you want to have a pizza party soon with the family or your friends, S&R New York Style ...

The Best Food To Buy At S&R Aside From The Pizza

There's more to order at S&R.
S&R New York Style Pizza has always been known for its New York-style pizza: thick, wide, oily slices of pizza that's big enough for it to be the main course. But if you frequently buy from this establishment, then you know that the ...

You Can Get Two Pizzas, Pasta, Chicken Wings, And Drinks For Only P1,349

This is not a bad deal!
When it comes to any gathering whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or the holidays, you can never go wrong with party food like pizza, chicken, and pasta! If you have a get-together with your friends and family soon, it will be a lot ...

Enjoy Two 18-Inch Pizzas For Less Than P1,000 At S&R This Month

You get to save as much as P396!
Are you looking for a reason to treat yourself to pizza? Look no further! S&R New York Style Pizza is offering a buy one, take one promo on their pizzas for the month of October. For only P999, you can get one ...

Hooray, You Can Now Get P99 Salisbury Steak Rice Meals At S&R!

Affordable and satisfying!
S&R Membership Shopping’s pizzas are known for being delicious and filling for its price and size. A possible new favorite on the S&R menu is for burger steak fans—meet the New York Salisbury Steak meal. S&R Membership Shopping’s new New York Salisbury Steak ...
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