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You Can Now Find Pampanga's Best's Chomps In S&R

It comes in a bigger pack, too.
Last year, we noticed that groceries frequently ran out of stocks of Pampanga’s Best’s Chomps. The affordable breakfast sausages were just simply irresistible. It's tasty enough that all you need are rice and eggs to make a satisfying delicious Chomps-silog meal.If you’ve ever seen or bought ...

You Can Now Find Canned Lechon In S&R!

Who says you have to spend a fortune for good lechon?
Earlier this year, we found out that canned Cebu lechon exists. These were produced by Elarz Lechon, who started roasting pigs since 2005. Elarz Lechon’s canned lechon was only available through online orders and through their shop months ago, but, thankfully, it’s now ...

S&R's New Pizza Is Only Available For A Limited Time

It’s always a good time for pizza.
There are people who like their pizzas plain and simple: tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and some type of meat. There are also out-of-this-world pizza eaters that, if given the chance, would put as many toppings their pizza slice can handle. As the ...

S&R Pizza Now Delivers

Jot down their hotline now!
There are many reasons to visit S&R Membeship Grocery stores—and we have to admit that grocery shopping isn't necessarily the top one. S&R gets this—that's why they now have standalone outlets for S&R New York Style Pizza. They also have online delivery ...
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