You Can Now Buy Your Favorite S&R Grocery + Food Items via Honestbee

Getting your imported goodies just got easier!
If you love grocery shopping, this is probably the best news you'll receive this week: you can now shop for S&R grocery items via Honestbee, an online concierge and delivery service. With a few clicks, you can go through the 2,400 items that are available—to which, ...

This Ice-Cream Cake Takes Everything You Love About Oreos to the Next Level

BRB, filling up our fridge!
Not only do Oreos make for a great quick fix for when your palate craves something sweet, but they're also super versatile. The chocolate-and-cream cookies take many forms, from chocolate bars to ice-cream sandwiches. But we found one at S&R Membership Shopping ...

You Can Get These Cheesecake Pops Again at S&R!

They now have a matcha-flavored one!
For a limited time only, S&R Membership Shopping made our sweets-loving hearts leap with joy when they launched their Cheesecake Pops (P89/stick, P149/two sticks). If you missed them the first time, you're in luck because S&R is bringing them back until the end of the year!Aside ...

S&R Pizza Now Delivers

Jot down their hotline now!
There are many reasons to visit S&R Membeship Grocery stores—and we have to admit that grocery shopping isn't necessarily the top one. S&R gets this—that's why they now have standalone outlets for S&R New York Style Pizza. They also have online delivery ...

Take Home S&R's New Cheese-Stuffed Pizza!

There’s nothing plain about this pizza’s crust.
One of the joys of eating a really good pizza is finishing the whole slice – down to its crust. Unfortunately, it's common that people will stop when the crust is all that is left of the pizza. If you can’t learn ...

S&R Will Soon Open Two Branches In Quezon City!

Hooray for accessible and unique grocery options!
Residents of Quezon City and nearby neighborhoods will soon have more accessible and unique grocery options with S&R opening two new branches in Quezon City this year! According to a post on S&R Membership’s official Facebook, S&R will open a branch in Libis ...

S&R's New Pizza Is Topped With Mexican Quesadilla!

Here's something new to try for your next pizza party!
A quesadilla can be as simple as toasted flour tortilla filled with a gooey cheese filling. This Mexican dish is pretty versatile in such a way that you can add different delicious filling inside and it will likely taste good! If you love Mexican ...

We Found A Bottle Of Samyang's Hot Chicken Sauce In The Supermarket!

Get creative and use the sauce for cooking!
A couple of years ago, the Spicy Noodle Challenge was the food challenge that went viral all over social media. People challenged and tested their tolerance for heat! If the Spicy Noodle Challenge was an easy peasy situation for you, we found the bottled version ...

You Can Now Find Pampanga's Best's Chomps In S&R

It comes in a bigger pack, too.
Last year, we noticed that groceries frequently ran out of stocks of Pampanga’s Best’s Chomps. The affordable breakfast sausages were just simply irresistible. It's tasty enough that all you need are rice and eggs to make a satisfying delicious Chomps-silog meal.If you’ve ever seen or bought ...
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