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What's The Difference: Sriracha vs. Hot Sauce

These two condiments are very different in taste and flavor.
It should be noted that spicy food and spicy hot food are two different flavors. If you love spicy hot food that makes your taste buds tingle and take notice, you are probably a fan of hot sauces. Hot sauces are also known as ...

This Supermarket Has Bottles Of Sriracha + Mayonnaise

There's also sriracha + Tabasco!
If you love spicy food, you will likely have different types of hot sauces, bottled chilis, and spices. Another spicy item to add to your collection? These bottles of Sriracha + Mayonnaise and Sriracha + Tabasco.Landers Superstore is selling Sriracha Mayo Sauce which combines ...

This Sriracha + Mayo Dip Is What You Need To Level Up Your Sandwich Game

You can even use it on your salad and ulam!
What's awesome about condiments is that these are already good on their own, but if you combine them with other condiments, it makes it even better! If one of your favorite condiments is the sriracha, you should try Danes' new Sriracha Mayo!Danes' ...

Spice Up Your Breakfast With This Sriracha-Flavored Corned Beef

Here's where you can buy it!
Corned beef is one of the most popular options for a classic Pinoy breakfast along with other favorites like tapa, longganisa, and tocino. Best eaten with garlicky sinangag and fried egg, corned beef is a comfort food you can associate with lazy ...

OMG, We Found Pik-Nik Potato Chips In The Supermarket!

Move over, potato shoestrings.
Pik-Nik is one of those classic chips we loved as a kid (and, admittedly, we still love until now!). It's the crunchy potato shoestrings that come in various can sizes and comes in classic to Less Salty, Cheddar, and Ketchup flavors. Maybe ...

This Chicken + Waffles Plate Will Make You Forget About Rice

It's an unusual but delicious pairing!
There are countless ways Filipinos enjoy juicy fried chicken. We can eat with rice, pancit, eat it as is, or pair it with a mug of ice-cold beer. A not so common fried chicken pairing concept for Filipinos? Chicken with waffles. Nono’s ...

Dream Cakes, Mango Float, and More: All The Food Trends in 2018

Have you tried everything on the list?
A lot has changed in the food and restaurant industry since 2017, when soft-serve ice cream, fluffy doughnuts, and food parks dominated the local food scene. This year, we can't deny that the food trends that flooded our social media feeds have ...

These Are The Christmas Gifts You Should Give For Someone Who Loves Food

Show your favorite foodie some love this Christmas!
If you have a big food fan on your Christmas gift list, you don't have to stress over what to give them. If you're racking your brains for gifts to put under your favorite foodie's Christmas tree, why not give them something ...

WATCH: These Crunchy Onion Rings + Sriracha Mayo Dip are the Perfect Holiday Appetizers!

The super crunchy and tender onions rings come alive with the tangy, sweet and spicy dip!
You can make onion rings right at home! This isn’t like any onion rings you’ve had though. Marinating the onions in buttermilk gives you tender onions without the spicy aftertaste that lingers way beyond its due. The double coating of crispy breadcrumbs ensures crispiness ...

Sriracha Fans, You Have To Try This New Instant Noodle!

Move over, #FireNoodleChallenge, there's a new spicy noodle in town!
If you love to drizzle Sriracha sauce on your burger or burrito, you will love it even more in your noodles! Samyang’s newly-released Sriracha Ramen has a sauce tastes exactly like the well-loved Thai hot sauce!  Noodles drenched in Sriracha sauce? Yes, please! The ...

Taters Is Now Serving Sriracha-Flavored Snacks!

Who doesn't love the heat of Sriracha?
Is popcorn your fave go-to snack for movie dates? Meet Tater’s new Blockbuster Sriracha series! If you are a huge fan of the spicy flavors coming from the iconic red bottle with the bright green nozzle, you just have to try it combined ...

Sriracha Shrimp Recipe

Add a touch of Sriracha to your seafood stir-fry!
Love a little bit of heat in your stir-fry dishes? Sriracha adds a layer of flavor without overpowering the succulent flavors of shrimp.  ...

You Need to Have This Can of Sriracha Diced Tomatoes In Your Kitchen

Canned tomatoes just got an upgrade!
If you are a fan of the heat and spiciness that only Sriracha gives, then you’ll be dancing with joy that your favorite hot sauce now comes already mixed into canned diced tomatoes. Succulent tomatoes provide the chunkiness that the hot sauce ...

Sriracha Ketchup Is Here, and It's Delicious

It’s the condiment of your dreams!
This one's for Sriracha addicts! Our most recent grocery find just brought us the best condiment hybrid yet: Sriracha ketchup.You’ll spot it instantly—the iconic rooster on the bottle will be the first thing you see. Huy Fong Foods’ famous chili sauce has ...

3 Spicy Condiments That Need to Be Regular Residents of Your Pantry

Feel the burn with these spicy favorites!
Admit it: spicy condiments can make your meals more exciting. It isn't always about the heat: these three condiments also have touches of sweet and savory flavors, too. It's no wonder that they are crowd favorites! 1  GochujangGochujang is a versatile Korean hot pepper ...

WATCH: How to Make Dips for Chicken Fingers

These four easy-to-make dipping sauces takes a batch of golden brown chicken fingers to the next level

Honey Sriracha Salmon

This dish is a perfect mix of spicy + sweet flavors!
This dish is a perfect mix of spicy + sweet flavors! ...
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