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Starbucks Korea Plans To Get Rid Of Disposable Cups By 2025

Hopefully, we can have something similar in the Philippines, too!
Starbucks is planning to put an end to the use of disposable cups in South Korea by 2025. This is the first big step in a major market by Starbucks as it aims to lessen waste, according to Bloomberg.Starbucks Korea will be ...

The Largest Starbucks In South Korea Is Now Open And It's So Instagram-Worthy!

It will take roughly a one-hour train ride coming from Seoul.
Is traveling part of your to-do list when the pandemic is over? If a coffee crawl around South Korea is in your travel bucket list, you should add the largest Starbucks branch to your itinerary! Last July 24, Starbucks celebrated its 21st anniversary ...

This Is Not A Drill: A Starbucks x BTS Collection Exists!

It's only available in South Korea, though.
ARMY, by now we won't even question your dedication to buying anything and everything even remotely related to your fave K-Pop boy band members. You probably already own these BTS-themed mini-dolls, Uno cards, and sneakers, but we recently spotted something you'll want to add to your ever-growing arsenal: Starbucks ...

These Are The Unique Starbucks Beverages Around The World

We want to try all of these!
Starbucks is known for creating a cozy coffee shop experience anywhere you might be in the world. With thousands of Starbucks branches all over the globe (including a roastery and cafe in Milan, Italy!), it comes as no surprise that they have drinks unique ...
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