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The Largest Starbucks In South Korea Is Now Open And It's So Instagram-Worthy!

It will take roughly a one-hour train ride coming from Seoul.
Is traveling part of your to-do list when the pandemic is over? If a coffee crawl around South Korea is in your travel bucket list, you should add the largest Starbucks branch to your itinerary! Last July 24, Starbucks celebrated its 21st anniversary ...

These Are The Drinks You Should Order At Starbucks Reserve

No need to keep asking the barista.
It’s easy to rely on Starbucks for your daily caffeine fix. After all, the giant coffee chain has a branch at practically every corner of the Metro. Plus, aside from the regular branches, another type of Starbucks cafe called Starbucks Reserve has ...

Starbucks Now Offers A Mango Float Cake And Custard Pie!

These are available for a limited time only.
You can never go wrong with mangoes and custard for dessert. No one can resist a good custard, a close relative of the well-loved leche flan, and sweet yellow mangoes. When you're on your coffee run, add Starbucks' new Mango Float Cake or Starbucks Reserve's (totally different ...

You Need To Try This Butterscotch Latte At Starbucks Reserve

Do you like the taste of buttery coffee? We found your new fave.
You've probably heard of bullet coffee by now, or maybe even tried it. It's coffee with actual butter—which actually tastes good, but if you're not to keen on putting actual butter in your drink, we found the perfect cup. Starbucks Reserve has a delicious ...

Have You Tried These Coffee Desserts From Starbucks?

Coffee or dessert? It's both!
If you’re a fan of pairing your dessert and pastry with your go-to cup of joe, then you will love coffee-flavored desserts! You can enjoy the flavor combo of the sweetness of the dessert and the smoothness of the coffee in one ...

Starbucks Now Offers Refreshing Coffee-and-Ice-Cream Combos

New stuff to try!
Meaning "drowned" in Italian, an affogato is a classic coffee-based dessert that has a single scoop of vanilla ice cream soaked or "drowned" in espresso (hence the name). It's the perfect perk-me-up treat, especially in Manila's perpetually changing weather, so we're pretty ...

What Exactly Is an Espresso and How Can You Drink It?

Espresso shots are the base of many coffee drinks.
An espresso is a concentrated pull of coffee served and measured in shots. Because a shot is pulled with hot water, often through a machine, an espresso is full-bodied and strong in flavor. Often served in small cups that holds 1 ounce ...

Starbucks' Newest Reserve Store at S'Maison Offers a Coffee Bar Experience

Choose from different brewing methods for your caffeine cup.
The newest Starbucks Reserve store at S Maison at the Conrad Hotel Manila in Pasay takes the coffee experience a notch higher. The store has a coffee experience bar where caffeine hounds can watch their baristas prepare their coffee, using the brewing ...
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