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LOOK: Starbucks Just Released These Philippine-Exclusive Tumblers

Ready your wallet!
Itching to add a new Starbucks tumbler to your growing collection? You're in luck! Starbucks Philippines has released the Philippine-exclusive Summer Siren collection that features the Starbucks siren in minimalist designs and Starbucks signature shade of green.Check out the Summer Siren collection:From ...

Starbucks' NEW Tumbler Collection Comes In Calming Shades Of Green

There are pieces in bronze, too!
Are you collecting Starbucks tumblers or if you know someone who does, check this out: Starbucks just launched a new drinkware collection called Dive Into The Undersea. The pieces in this collection have minimalist drawings of the Siren in a green-and-bronze color palette.Here ...

We Want Everything From Starbucks' NEW Summer Drinkware Collection

Super colorful, super cute!
Starbucks Philippines is celebrating summer with the launch of the Happy Hedgehog Collection. This drinkware collection highlights contrasting colors of cool and warm colors, like turquoise, mint green, watermelon red, and terracotta.If you take a closer look, the design takes inspiration from ...

Starbucks' NEW Tumblers Are Perfect For Your All-White Aesthetic

These are available online!
Heads up, Starbucks tumbler collectors! Starbucks Philippines has released a new Philippine-exclusive collection called the White Siren collection. These mugs and tumblers feature gold and grey decals with details of the Starbucks siren. Here's the entire Starbucks White Siren collection:Starbucks Philippines' White Siren ...

Heads Up, These Starbucks Tumblers And Mugs Are On Sale Right Now!

Enjoy a 30% discount on selected items!
Just in case you didn't know, Starbucks now has an official flagship store on Lazada. They are currently offering their older merchandise collections with a 30% discount. This promo started on January 25 and will run until February 22, 2021.If you're a Starbucks ...

PSA: Starbucks Tumblers Will Be On Sale This 12.12!

Starbucks is offering 30% to 40% discounts!
Do you really need to buy a new Starbucks tumbler or mug? If your answer to the question is a resounding "Yes!" or "Always!," then you'll be ecstatic to know that Starbucks' tumblers will be on sale this December 12 (or 12.12) via ...

Starbucks Tumbler Collectors, You Can Score A 50% Discount On These Starbucks Collectibles

May luck be on your side.
Are you always on the lookout for Starbucks’ announcement for new tumblers, mugs, and water bottles to add to your growing collection? Well, we have good news for you! Starbucks introduces the Lucky Bag, a mystery bag with bundled Starbucks drinkware you ...
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