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We Know You Want To Buy Starbucks' New Tumblers Based On Your Zodiac Sign

These designs are only available in the Philippines.
Nowadays, it feels like "What's your zodiac sign?" is one of those questions strangers ask each other. If you can relate to this, you probably love astrology and perhaps love items that can show off your zodiac sign? For those who answered ...

Add to Cart: Starbucks Tumblers Are Finally Available Online

Their online shop has exclusive merch you won't find in stores!
We found out in mid-November that Starbucks would soon make their coveted collections of merchandise available online and we've been waiting in anticipation every day since for the chance to hit "add to cart." Well, better ready your online wallets, because Starbucks is now ...

Starbucks' New Tumblers Should Be On Your Christmas Wish List

This Starbucks and Kate Spade collab is gorgeous!
If you're one to collect Starbucks merchandise, you should know that there's more in store even after Starbucks launched its holiday collection. Another set of tumblers and mugs that you might want to add to your growing collection is the Starbucks x Kate ...

These New Starbucks x Stanley Tumblers And Flasks Will Soon Be Available In Stores

Take a look at the entire collection + prices!
Starbucks is starting off October with one huge announcement: They’ve teamed up with Stanley for the second time around and will launch a new line of stainless steel tumblers and stainless steel flasks in Philippine-exclusive shades of Warm Gray and Navy Blue. ...

Starbucks Launched New Tumblers To Add To Your Collection!

Which one do you like most?
Starbucks merchandise collectors, steady your heart and ready your wallet! Aside from the launch of their tumblers and mugs for their Anniversary Collection, Starbucks also released a different collection to celebrate the upcoming mid-autumn festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival Collection: Bunnies On The Moon ...

We Want Everything From Starbucks' Mermaid-Themed Tumbler Collection

Love mermaids?
Starbucks fans, you're going to want to get your hands on Starbucks' brand-new tumblers! Their latest Anniversary Collection features the classic Starbucks Siren in aqua-blue colored mugs and water bottles!The 14-piece collection includes Starbucks tumblers, water bottles, glasses, cups, mugs, and more. ...

Starbucks Has a New Tumbler Collection Inspired-By And For-The Outdoorsy

We want everything!
If you're still not over Starbucks' cool new designs for their reusable cups, then brace yourselves because they just came out with brand-new tumblers that will make you swoon: Starbucks just unveiled their Outdoor Adventure collection and it includes some of the ...

Starbucks Just Released NEW Cherry Blossom-Inspired Beverages + Tumblers

You'll want to collect them all.
When you think of Japan, the cherry blossom season is usually top of mind. Starbucks Philippines just released Sakura-inspired beverages and merchandise that you'll easily fall in love with.Starbucks just released four new drinks inspired by these pink-hued petals! There's a Pink Peach Blossoms Cream ...

Celebrate V-Day With Starbucks' New Chocolatey Frappuccino

Something sweet, something cute? You can get it at Starbucks.
Are you ready for Valentine's Day? If you're still on the lookout for something sweet and cute to give to that special someone, Starbucks just released a whole Valentine’s Day collection which includes drinks and the cutest tumblers in pastel hues. Get ...

We're In Love With Starbucks' Valentine's Day Tumblers!

We *heart fingers* these tumblers.
Ladies and gents, you better start putting some gift money aside and writing out those cheesy texts—we're less than a month away from Valentine's Day! If you're already searching for a gift to get that special someone, or if you're planning on ...

Starbucks Just Released A Year of the Rat-Themed Tumblers And Mugs!

Everything is so cute!
Now, the Chinese Zodiac calendar has restarted and we're back to the first animal in the cycle: the rat. We're already excited to see all the cute mouse-themed goodies that are about to be released to start off the decade. Here are ...

Starbucks Has a Whimsical Tumbler Collection and We're Obsessed

So dreamy!
Double Wall Siren Mug (P1,095) and Double Wall Swimming Siren Mug (P1,095) You're about to get enchanted by Starbucks' new tumbler collection. As part of their 25th Anniversary (yup, they've been around for a quarter of a century!) merchandise collection, they're releasing some ...
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