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Ube Cheese Siopao Recipe

There's a new ube-cheese combo in town!
Move over, pandesal. Here's a recipe that's riding on the ube-cheese trend!  ...

4-Ingredient Kakanin Recipes New Cooks Should Try

These easy kakanin recipes will satisfy your rice cake cravings.
Newbie cooks don't have to be intimidated about making dessert. While there are many no-bake recipes that can satisfy your need for something sweet, we think you don't have to look too far from the ingredients you're comfortable working with to make something ...

This Is What Makes Calasiao Puto Different From Regular Puto

It may have similar ingredients but it's different once cooked.
One of the most popular and well-loved kakanin is the puto. Also known as the steamed rice cake, puto comes in many forms. It can be found as mini muffin-sized bites and can even be found as steamed in a large bilao if ...

Kalamay Recipe

This chewy and sweetened kakanin is soft and delicious!
Some of the most common kakanin are those found peddled on the side streets! One of the more common kinds of kakanin is the kalamay. This kakanin is sticky, chewy, and usually topped with latik. There are two kinds of latik, the sticky and ...

Puto Calasiao Recipe

This classic puto is easy to make if you've got time.
This sticky white puto, or steamed rice cake, from Calasiao in Pangasinan is easy to make. It begins with malagkit rice which is ground and made into a batter before being steamed. The biggest investment is time to allow the rice to ...

WATCH: How To Make Easy Corn Puto

Make your puto even better with corn.
We all love puto. These little rice cakes were probably one of the first kakanin you tasted, and it's just as good now or even better than it was then. This Filipino steamed rice cake recipe is really just a less glamorous version of a cupcake ...

WATCH: You Can Make All These Easy Puto Recipes

We have all the recipes you need.
Puto, the Filipino steamed rice cake, is often served alongside savory main dishes such as pancit or dinuguan (pork blood stew). Traditionally made with rice flour, it is usually sweet and is enjoyed as a snack or merienda.The most common version is ...

Corn and Cheese Puto Recipe

Corn and cheese combine to make this puto tastier and better.
You can add many things to puto, or steamed rice cakes, but there is one flavor that many people love: cheese. What's so great about this ingredient is that it's highly versatile! You can add it to dessert, to the main dish, make it ...

Corn Puto Recipe

Puto just got really corny.
This puto recipe just got corny! These steamed rice cakes are like your usual puto but made more delicious and sweet with corn kernels and creamed corn stirred into the batter. It's a delicious Asian twist on the corn muffin.   ...

Here Are All The Flavors You Can Put Into Puto

These are the puto recipes you need to try!
Puto (rice cake) is a well-loved Filipino snack It's the natural partner to dinuguan and pancit, but you can eat it as is for a delicious merienda, too. There are many ways to make puto, but the most classic ones are made with rice flour. If you can't ...

WATCH: This Puto Is Made Better With Muscovado Sugar

Muscovado sugar elevates an ordinary puto into a puto that's definitely more tasty.
Muscovado sugar has a wonderfully warm flavor that plain sugar doesn't have. Upgrade your ordinary white puto with this puto recipe made with natural brown sugar. Here are more puto recipes:  ...
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