These 5 Steaming Tips and Tricks Will Help You Make Healthy, Good-For-You Dishes

Fish, seafood, and even chicken remains moist and tender when steamed versus when boiled.
Steaming is one of the simplest (and healthiest!) ways of cooking. In fact, it's almost a no-fuss cooking method: just add your ingredients to the steamer insert, cover, and let the superheated vapors do all the work for you. But what makes it a great cooking ...

This Steaming Trick Will Prevent Soggy Homemade Puto

Avoid soggy, wet puto, siopao, and other dishes with this easy steaming trick.
It's a little annoying when you bite into a fluffy puto or a giant siopao, and there's a soaking wet spot on the bottom or the top before it's removed from the steamer. No matter how careful you are, there will always be a soggy spot where droplets of ...
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