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WATCH: How To Make Bibingkang Malagkit With Latik

Level up your favorite kakanin with this recipe.
Asians grew up eating rice, so it's no wonder that you find it as an ingredient not just for its main meals but also in its desserts, especially using sticky rice or bigas na malagkit. Also known as a kakanin recipe when made into desserts, this rice dessert is ...

Everything You Need To Know To Cook Thick And Creamy Champorado

Making this chocolate rice porridge is easier than cooking rice!
Champorado, a chocolate-infused rice porridge, is a delicious meal. It's simply made using rice, tsokolate tablea, and water. It's served with swirls of evaporated or sweetened condensed milk and often paired with fried tuyo (dried and salted sardines). This breakfast recipe that we lovingly ...

Bibingkang Malagkit with Sticky Latik Recipe

This sticky rice recipe is topped with caramelized coconut cream.
Whether you know it as bibingkang malagkit or as biko, this sticky rice recipe is basically sweet squares of steamed rice, sweetened with brown sugar, and usually topped with crispy coconut pebbles, the leftover remnants of simmered coconut cream. It's usually cooked as you would normal ...

Bulalo Lugaw Recipe

Is it a bulalo or lugaw?
Bulalo and lugaw are two dishes that are both hearty, comforting, and delicious. However, just imagine how incredibly flavorful and decadent a dish would be if you mixed these two dishes together? If you can and are salivating at the mere thought of something so magical in your pot, ...

Ube Biko Recipe

The brilliant purple hue of this sticky rice dessert is because of ube.
Biko is easy to make. You need a rice cooker to do most of the work and just to make it different from your usual, it's dyed an incredibly vibrant color with both ube halaya and ube flavoring for added brilliance. No biko ...

Durian at Pilit Recipe

Turn yourself into a durian fan with this sweet, creamy jam.
Durian can be made into a sweet, creamy jam. Top it over steamed malagkit for a hearty merienda or meal-ender. ...

Ginataang Mais Recipe

This favorite Filipino dish is made with malagkit, corn, and coconut milk.
Ginataang mais is a simple recipe: it's a mix of malagkit or sticky rice, corn, and coconut milk.It's quite easy because it comes together in one pot and is best served as soon as it is cooked. The most difficult part is waiting for the ...

Ginataang Halo-Halo (Ginataang Bilo-Bilo) Recipe

Bring back childhood memories with this comforting bowl.
This Filipino merienda treat is made with glutinous rice flour balls, sweet potatoes, fruits, and ube. ...

Savory Sticky Rice Recipe

This rice bowl has a fun Pinoy twist: it uses sticky rice instead of the regular short-grain!
This nutritious rice dish is a balanced meal that will keep you full for hours. ...

WATCH: How to Make Sticky Rice with Mangoes

Make this delightful Asian dish for dessert or merienda.
This Asian dish has simple ingredients—sticky rice (malagkit), coconut cream, and mangoes—and you can easily find in the local market. ALSO READ:  ...
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