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Pansit Na May Sabaw Recipe

This saucy pancit is a complete meal in itself!
Tired of your same old pancit recipe? Why not make it saucy? Adjust the saucy mix according to your taste. Add more if you want it soupy! ...

Pancit Lusay Recipe

This unique pancit is seasoned with an ingredient you'd never think to use!
There's something interesting about this stir-fried noodles recipe! This pancit recipe from Ilocos up north tastes extra special and delicious. At first look, this may look like any pancit canton dish you may have already tasted but it's not.The secret to this Ilocano pancit canton is in ...

Pad See Ew (Indonesian Noodles) Recipe

Asian stir fried noodles are not all the same.
This isn't Pad thai! This is the Indonesian version of that popular stir-fried noodle dish. The main difference is the sauce ingredients. Where the pad Thai uses tamarind as its sour ingredient, the pad see ew uses simple vinegar to give it that tangy, savory taste.  ...

Family-Style Chinese Pancit Recipe

This Chinese-inspired pancit canton recipe serves a family!
Pancit recipes are some of the most flavorful noodles dishes you can make. For this recipe, this family-style dish is a Chinese pancit recipe that uses chicken instead of pork and is tossed in a savory-sweet sauce that's addictive.  ...

Beef and Mushroom Pancit Recipe

Upgrade your pancit recipe with this beefy version.
Pancit doesn't have to always been made with pork! Level it up with a mashup of your favorite beef and mushroom stir fry and toss this flavorful dish with pancit egg noodles. What you get is a satisfyingly delicious stir-fried noodle recipe that's fast, easy, and hearty.   ...

Chicken And Shrimp Pad Thai-Style Noodles Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Sariwang sampalok ang sikreto sa napaka-sarap na sarsa na hinalo sa noodles.
Ang makakapal na rice noodles na ito ay hinalo sa matamis, maasim, at maalat na sarsa gawa sa sampalok, sarsa na made from scratch. Piniritong tokwa, togue, mga piraso ng manok, binalatang hipon, at piniritong itlog ang kumukumpleto sa bersyon ng sikat ...

Pancit Sotanghon Guisado Recipe

Feeding a crowd? Whip up a pancit dish that everyone will love.
Everybody loves pancit. In fact, no celebration can be complete without a pancit dish on the buffet table. This all-time favorite pancit dish can be made in two ways, as dry noodles like this recipe here or as “soupy” sotanghon cooked with lots of ...
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