Black Pepper Prawns Recipe

Black pepper gives this prawn dish a different kind of spicy kick, and it's deliciously addictive.
If you love prawns and love it when it's got a spicy kick to it, then make the best of your black pepper mill and make it rain on these shellfish. This spicy prawn recipe will make you appreciate the flavors that the black pepper can ...

Shrimp Curry Recipe

Creamy and loaded with spices, this is the shrimp version of your fave curry.
A delicate spice-infused dish, this shrimp curry recipe is packed with succulent shrimp and tossed in a yellow curry powder mix in coconut milk. It's a simple recipe that is packed with flavorful ingredients that's perfect to serve with lots of rice.  There are ...

Stir-Fried Shrimp with Basil Recipe

Pair this easy shrimp stir-fry with pasta or rice!
Quick meals call for easy stir-fries. Pair this shrimp stir-fry with garlic rice or toss it with noodles for an instant pasta dish. ...

Stir-Fried Shrimp Recipe

This stir-fried shrimp dish has a tasty sauce!
This stir-fried shrimp recipe is quick and easy. It makes use of the popular Taiwanese three-cup sauce: it isn’t just for chicken! Try it with shrimp, calamari, or fish fillets, too. ...
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