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Peanut Butter Can Spoil; Here's How You Can Tell When To Throw It Out

There are signs that mean it's time to buy a new jar.
That's right! Peanut butter can go bad but while it might sound like a rare occurrence, you should know the signs that you need to throw that opened and unfinished jar out and get yourself another one. Here are the signs that your ...

This Is How You Should Be Storing Your Nonstick Pots And Pans

Protect your nonstick cookware from unintentional scratches and bangs.
Your nonstick pans are the most useful and effective when they're new. The slick surface is a dream to cook on! Nothing sticks to them, and everything from eggs to pancakes will slip and slide in the coated surface with ease. You know you ...

How To Make A Small Refrigerator Work For You

Is it time to buy a bigger refrigerator?
Are you having trouble with your small refrigerator? It’s not time to give up and buy a new one! Here are some tips so you can do to maximize your refrigerator at home: Often times, what causes us to question the size of ...
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