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Here's What Those Symbols On Your Food + Plastic Containers Mean

Not all plastic containers are microwave safe.
Few people ask themselves, "Is this plastic container safe to use in the microwave?" That's because many of us grew up thinking that plastic (any plastic) is safe to use in the microwave. You probably have many stored in your cabinets since packing away food to store ...

How To Store Eggs So They Last Longer

How do know when eggs are stored the right side up?
Eggs are usually packaged properly when you pick them up at the supermarket. These are in trays of 30 or egg cartons that can either contain six eggs or 12. Storing eggs is usually a simple thing. You might already know that eggs should be ...

How To Store Tofu For Longer Storage

Save your tokwa from going sour with this storing tip.
If you love tokwa or tofu, you know that this food has a short shelf-life. It can start to smell and taste sour even if you store it in the refrigerator. That's because this fresh, plant-based food is highly perishable. If you're not ...

Peanut Butter Can Spoil; Here's How You Can Tell When To Throw It Out

There are signs that mean it's time to buy a new jar.
That's right! Peanut butter can go bad but while it might sound like a rare occurrence, you should know the signs that you need to throw that opened and unfinished jar out and get yourself another one. Here are the signs that your ...

These Habits Make Food Spoil Faster

These are the most common mistakes you're making.
This has happened to many of us: you stored leftover food in the refrigerator, thinking that it will last a few days only to find that it has already gone bad within the next day or two. You already know that you should ...

These Fruits Shouldn't Be Stored In The Refrigerator

Are you storing your fruits wrong?
Are you storing your fruits in the right storage area? In fact, are you storing all your fruit in the refrigerator, thinking this is the best place to store them? We have bad news. You may be storing your fruits wrong. In fact, the best ...

This Is How You Can Keep Breads Fresher, Longer

Bread is a staple in many kitchens. Keep it edible with these tips.
Who doesn't love bread? We love bread. It's a kitchen food staple that you can use to make into different dishes, and it can even be used as an ingredient as breadcrumbs or even as a crunchy topping. It's usually a breakfast staple or ...

7 Baking Ingredients You Shouldn't Buy in Bulk

You should refrain from buying these in large bags unless you’re baking for a party.
There are some grocery discounts and bargains that you should take advantage of. But when it comes to baking ingredients, nothing is more precious than having prized ingredients that will make your cake, cookie, bread, or other baked goods the star of the buffet table.But ...

10 Storage Secrets to Keeping Your Fruits and Veggies Fresh

Keep your produce as fresh as possible!
We understand how frustrating it can be to buy a large bunch of herbs to use in your meals for the whole week, only to find out that they've wilted after only two days. There are also days when you find out that ...
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