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Binggrae-Flavored Milk Tea Exists And It's Available In Strawberry And Banana

Two trendy milk drinks in one!
Despite quarantine restrictions, the Metro's addiction to milk tea has yet to die down. However, there's a new milk-based drink that's been getting lots of buzz this 2020 and that's flavored milk from South Korea. Perhaps it's all the K-Drama marathons that's driven ...

This Bottled Strawberry Latte Is Inspired By A Famous Korean Drink

You can't go wrong with strawberries + milk!
For those who love strawberries with condensed milk, you’ll likely love the drink version of it, too: strawberry milk. For those who haven’t tried this berry delish drink yet, you should try La Vienne Bakery’s Strawberry Latte.La Vienne Bakery’s inspiration for their handcrafted ...

Transport Yourself To A Korean Cafe: Where To Find Fresh Strawberry Milk in Manila

It's creamy yet oh-so-refreshing!
Fresh strawberry milk is a popular drink in Seoul, where you'll find bottles of the drink lined up at its many boutique cafés. The drink is typically made with a few ingredients (fresh strawberries, sweetener, and fresh milk) thus giving it a ...

These Refreshing Lattes Taste Like Choc Nut and Nutella!

Best serve chilled.
If coffee is a crucial part of your day and your usual go-to is the kind that's sweet and milky, Overdoughs has two new lattes that taste like dessert. Check out Overdoughs' Choc Nut Coffee Latte and the Nutella Latte.Overdough’s Choc Nut Coffee ...

We Found Sweet Japanese Banana And Strawberry Milk In The Grocery!

Love flavored milk?
If you have ever visited Japan, you've probably experienced the overwhelming feeling of deciding which beverage to choose from with their dizzying options in convenience stores and groceries. Will it be matcha latte, iced coffee, or fruity soda? How about flavored milk ...
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