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You Can Now Get This Popular + Delicious Frozen Brazo de Mercedes In Alabang

They’re one of the “pioneers" of frozen brazo.
It was in 2004 that Dimpy’s, owned by Dimpy Camara, introduced thenow-popular frozen Brazo de Mercedes. For the longest time, one can buy their products on a made-to-order basis and can be picked up inside Dasmariñas Village in Makati. After 16 years, Dimpy’s has ...

Say Hello To This Gorgeous Pink Strawberry Shortcake!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
If you’re a huge fan of strawberry desserts, Cafe Mary Grace has brought back their seasonal Strawberry Shortcake for Valentine’s Day, but this time, it’s sporting a pink look.Cafe Mary Grace’s Pink Strawberry Shortcake is made with layers of chiffon cake with pastel pink-hued ...

This Limited-Edition Strawberry Shortcake Is Back For Valentine's Day!

It’s made with Baguio’s fresh strawberries.
If you’re looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s literally as sweet as strawberries, then do we have good news for you! Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato recently brought back their limited-edition Strawberry Shortcake back on the menu.Cara Mia Cakes & Gelato’s ...

Krispy Kreme's New Glazed Strawberry Shortcake Is Perfect For V-Day

You can't go wrong with strawberry shortcake.
When it comes to Valentine's Day treats, you can't go wrong with strawberries. If you love strawberries, Krispy Kreme's new Glazed Strawberry Shortcake doughnut just might be your favorite new thing for February. Krispy Kreme is releasing a new flavor for Valentine’s Day: the Glazed ...

PSA: You Can Now Find The Famous Vizco's Strawberry Shortcake In Manila!

Just what you need for a quick fix.
Vizco's famous Strawberry Shortcake will always be on the list of Baguio favorites. But if you don't have the time to take a trip up to the summer capital of the Philippines, you can have a quick fix at Cafe Amazon in Venice ...

WATCH: How To Make An Easy Strawberry Shortcake Dessert

Strawberry desserts don't need to be complicated.
Love strawberry desserts but always intimidated by complicated recipes? The popular strawberry shortcake recipe can be made in different ways. What all these different strawberry shortcake recipes have in common are these: fresh strawberries, whipped cream, and a cake or pastry that gives the dessert its ...

Try This Strawberry Shortcake From This Japanese Grocery + Restaurant

It's only P145 per slice!
New Hatchin is a Japanese grocery that has a few branches around the Metro. The newly-opened New Hatchin branch along Katipunan Avenue isn’t just a grocery, but it is also a restaurant—also known as a grocerant.Half of the newly-opened New Hatchin's space ...

Meet Baguio's Famous Strawberry Shortcake

You can't leave Baguio without sampling this treat.
You can’t think of Baguio and not have visions of plump, red, and juicy strawberries.It’s the same thought that inspired Jackie Vizcocho Dizon to come up with a strawberry shortcake recipe in 2004 when her parents decided to get a space on ...

Eat Your Way Through Baguio With This Two-Day Itinerary

Indulge in nostalgic treats and discover new favorites.
Baguio is still a popular summer and holiday destination and road trips to the North are now easier, thanks to a four or five-hour drive via the new Subic-Clark-Tarlac Expressway (SCTEx). A first-timer's trip should include the requisite Baguio tourist spots: Burnham Park, where you can ...

Strawberry Shortcake Recipe

You can swap out the berries for other fruits like mangoes, too.
Take advantage of sweet local strawberries to make this easy fruit dessert. You can swap out the berries for other fruits like mangoes, too. ...
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