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Meat Substitutes To Try Beyond Tokwa And Mushrooms

Here's what to eat instead of meat.
Tofu and mushrooms are known as the most popular meat substitutes. These two ingredients have been the go-to replacements for meat-free eaters for decades for good reason: these make excellent and delicious substitutes. However, did you know that there are other meat substitutes you can ...

Use Beef Instead of Pork For These Recipes

These ulam dishes just got extra beefy!
There's no reason why you can't swap the meat in recipes. In fact, it's a genius idea to learn how to easily swap from one meat to another, especially since pork prices have risen to almost the same price level as beef. You have your choice of ...

No Ube Halaya? This Hack With Ube Flavoring Makes A Great Substitute

You might never know it's not made with real ube.
From ube cheese pandesal to ube cheesecakes, this vibrant tuber is a flavor that most Pinoys crave.It's the main ingredient in many of the desserts and even bread that have popped up recently. Ube or purple yam is popular locally for good reason. This local jam is ...

Out Of Evap? Here's How To Make An Easy Substitute

If even the sari-sari store is out, get this instead!
Evaporated milk is an essential ingredient to leche flan, cheese puto, and other creamy kakanin recipes you want to make at home. It's this demand that can make it run out at your local supermarket or even your sari-sari store! If you ever have ...

Out Of Vinegar? Here Are Substitutes To Make Your Dish Sour

You can turn to these ingredients in a pinch.
You'll find many uses in recipes when it comes to vinegar. The most obvious recipes would be for paksiw and of course, adobo. Vinegar does have many uses and its versatility might be the reason for that empty bottle.Whether you're making sinigang, paksiw, or just ...

Use These Green Papaya Substitutes For Your Tinola Recipe

Turn to these easy ingredient substitutes for the green fruit instead.
The selection of food in recent years has blossomed and grown to include even the most rare of ingredients. Even the most obscure and hard-to-find ingredients are now available at your local supermarket and weekend markets. So what do you do when one of the more common ...

The Most Useful Substitutions You Need To Know If You're Baking This Christmas

You'll need to know these for your Christmas baking needs.
The holiday can keep households busy with errands that need to be done, parties to prepare for, and other obligations that require your attention. And we know that traffic can keep you from going out just to buy one missing ingredient you ...

All-Purpose Flour is The Secret Ingredient to Make Great Frosting!

Use flour to make your frosting and you’ll be surprised how delicious – and easy! – it is to make.
The great thing with flour is that it’s one of the most versatile ingredients in your kitchen. From baking to cooking to frying to roasting, you will be using flour at some stage of the prep. Flour is a kitchen staple!And we ...
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