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A Roadside Coffee Stand In Pampanga Is Selling 100+ Cups A Day

By learning how to make better coffee, Coffee Bros became a rousing success.
Tenacity and the willingness to learn how to improve their coffee transformed Coffee Bros, a roadside coffee stand, into a profitable small quarantine business.Brothers Johndoe and Kim Martin Gallegos and their cousin Bill Lawrence Estacio wanted to help Johndoe and Kim Martin's ...

This Shop Lets You Have Your Milk Tea Served In Bamboo Cups

It's an eco-friendly way to support local products, too.
This milk tea shop in Iloilo is selling milk tea in reusable bamboo cups!  You have the option of having your order of milk tea served in the bamboo cups instead of the single-use plastic cups when you dine-in. If you love your bamboo cup ...

WATCH: Popular Korean Drinks You Have To Try (Besides Flavored Milk And Soju)

It's time you explored the drinks section, too!
Now that you know your Korean snacks, you can complete the K-experience by pairing it with delicious drinks you can also find in Korean supermarkets. Aside from the famous flavored milk and soju, which can be used for easy cocktails you can mix at home, there are a ...

WATCH: Must-Try Snacks You Can Find In A Korean Grocery

Add these to your snack stash!
Stepping inside a Korean grocery, it can get overwhelming trying to decide what to buy. Especially when you pass by the snack section, all of it looks delicious and, if you’re the type who gets easily swayed by cute packaging, you're probably ...

This QC Community Started Their Urban Garden For P300

No need to buy vegetables at the market anymore.
Imagine growing all the vegetables and herbs you need, without needing to go to the palengke! That's what this inspiring Quezon City community did with a few hundred pesos, some upcycled items, and some serious ingenuity to start a community-based project. The result? ...

WATCH: Make Doughnut Holes Using 3 Ingredients!

Have doughnuts whenever you want with this easy recipe.
For those days when you are craving doughnuts and it's too late to get ingredients you may not have, you can make this super easy doughnut recipe if you have these three ingredients. You need to check because you need specific ingredients to make ...

WATCH: You Can Make Edible Cookie Dough

This is a safe and edible recipe.
If you have always stopped yourself from eating the raw cookie dough before it was baked into actual cookies, you are not alone. The cookie dough is quite delicious and the texture is different from the actual cookie. You'll love this safe and ...

WATCH: How To Level Up Your Milk Tea At Home

Your homemade milk tea can be made better!
 Milk tea is one of those drinks that no matter where you are and what you're doing, the craving can hit you from out of nowhere. It's a good thing that these cravings don't need to be left unsatisfied! You just need the ingredients to make some ...
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