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How To Make An Epic Ice Cream Sundae At Home

Enjoy this loaded ice cream treat at home.
Summer is the perfect time to indulge in all things icy and delicious! What's fun about this delicious project is putting all of your favorite ingredients together! If you love nuts but hate marshmallows, there's no need to add it in if you don't ...

This Is Not A Drill: McDonald's Now Serves Coffee Sundaes!

Your morning routine just got a little sweeter.
Your morning coffee runs to McDonald's just got sweeter because McCafe now serves Coffee Sundaes!For those who want to switch up their usual McDonald's sundaes that are either topped with hot fudge or hot caramel, you can now enjoy their vanilla soft ...

This Hershey's-Flavored Soft Serve Is Only 18 Pesos!

You can add sprinkles to this chocolatey frozen dessert.
Hershey’s chocolate needs no introduction, whether you’re a chocoholic or not. If this was your favorite milk chocolate bar when you were a kid and is still one of your favorites until now, then you should definitely try Ministop’s latest MySundae Hershey’s.Ministop’s ...

Jollibee Now Serves Oreo Cookies & Cream Sundae!

Nothing beats this classic flavor.
If you're looking for a dessert to treat yourself to after a long and exhausting day, all you need is a delicious and affordable frozen dessert. Make a quick stop at Jollibee and try the new Cookies 'n Cream Sundae Twirl for only P39!The Cookies ...

McDonald's Is Coming Out With These New Desserts!

This sure got us dreaming of a pie a la mode!
We have to admit that Christmas might just be our favorite season because of all the delicious desserts. The latest on our radar is McDonald's new Dreamy Delights: Rich Chocolate Pie, Coffee McFlurry with Oreo, Brown Sugar Sundae, and the recently-launched Milk ...

This Avocado + Strawberry Ice Cream Is Your Quick Fix For Dessert Cravings

They have new chocolate mochi ice cream, too!
If you haven't discovered the magic of Aice ice cream, a Singaporean ice cream brand that's manufactured in Indonesia, it's high time you should! The brand's fun popsicles and ice cream waffles costs as low as P10. Aice recently released their new Avocado Strawberry Sundae ...

KFC's New Sundae Is Drizzled With Brown Sugar Syrup!

It's only P39!
We first fell in love with brown sugar syrup or arnibal when we first encountered taho. Now that it’s become the latest food trend and there are more ways to appreciate this sweet syrup. If you're over the brown sugar in milk tea trend, why not ...

Keep It Cool With Pancake House's P99 Sundae Promo!

Make your Sundays all about sundaes.
Summer is officially here! Living in a tropical country with summers that are just too hot to handle, we always find comfort in indulging in frozen desserts. Lucky for us, Pancake House is treating everyone to scoops of sundaes with different toppings every ...

These Cute Unicorn Sundaes Only Cost P15!

Do you believe in unicorns?
Are you a big fan of pretty desserts, like colorful ice cream scoops with brightly-colored sprinkles? We have good news for you! 7-Eleven Philippine’s new Unicorn Fundaes (fun-sundaes) introduces a refreshingly sweet blue and pink pastel-colored ice cream in a cone. Of course, with ...

Peach and Toasted Pound Cake Sundaes

Ice cream, plump peaches, and toasted pound cake make for an easy dessert.
Ice cream, plump peaches, and toasted pound cake make for an easy dessert recipe. ...
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