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5 Easy-To-Prep Recipes for a Busy Weekday

These low-fuss dishes are as quick and easy as they get.
Weekdays can get a little hectic. But did you know that you could have a meal ready, including hands-on prep time and cooking, in less than 30 minutes? Get food on the table fast with great-tasting dishes based on favorite meats, veggies, ...

Make Sure You Have These Food Items to Prepare For Emergencies

Is your pantry stocked for an emergency? Make sure you have these in your kitchen.
Natural disasters like earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and extreme weather are commonplace in the Philippines due to our geography and location. They often come without warning which makes stocking up on vital non-perishable foods very important. According to Florinda V. Panlilio, Nutritionist-Dietician Level IV ...

Best Recipes: Easy, Delicious Meals

Real Simple gives families another reason to enjoy satisfying meals.
For ten years now, Real Simple magazine has been giving families edible reasons to enjoy satisfying meals given everybody’s hectic schedules.  In this cookbook, they have compiled their best stress-free recipes including one-pot dishes, those that can be done in half an ...
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