WATCH: These California Rolls Are Easy To Make At Home

These fusion sushi rolls are sweet, salty, and delicious.
The California Maki is really to make. Also called a maki sushi roll, the California Roll is an inside-out sushi. It's inside out because the nori, or seaweed wrapper, when rolled, is found inside the roll instead of on the outside of ...

Purple Rice and Kani Maki Recipe

This kani maki recipe makes use of local heirloom rice!
Here’s a colorful, extra healthy take on sushi! You'll be surprised at how easy homemade sushi really is. Try it with different fillings like fresh tuna or salmon with avocado, and unagi with sautéed mushrooms and cucumber. ...

Veggie Sushi Recipe

Dainty tea sandwiches get a Japanese makeover!
Dainty tea sandwiches get a Japanese makeover! ...

Crab Stick and Sausage Sushi Recipe

Here's a meaty twist to the savory sushi.
Japanese rolls are fun to make at home! No bamboo mat? Grab a piece of parchment paper, plastic wrap, or anything that you can roll. Start with this meaty twist to the savory sushi. ...
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