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Spicy Caramelized Ground Pork Recipe

You can caramelize sugar to make this pork recipe super tasty!
Do you love the caramelized sugar syrup on leche flan? If you do, then you'll love that this ground pork recipe uses a similar method to make it sweet and delicious! How was it done? Ground pork is sauteed in some aromatics first before sugar is ...

General Tso's Shrimp Recipe

Hipon gets tossed in a tasty sweet and spicy sauce that's addictive.
We may never know who General Tso really was but we do know anything with his name on it is delicious! These shrimps are no different. Tossed in a sweet and spicy sauce with a touch of fruity flavors, courtesy of the gochujang paste, ...

Sweet and Spicy Dilis Recipe

The spicy and the sweet all come together for this awesome dried anchovy snack.
There are few things we love more than a great snack. This sweet and spicy dilis or dried anchovy fish is great on hot, freshly steamed rice, eaten on its own, or tossed with a snack mix of peanuts, green peas, broad beans, and corn ...

Sweet and Spicy Spareribs Recipe

Every bite of this will send you to pork ribs heaven.
This perfectly tender pork will spark up your tastebuds. The extremely rich, flavorful sauce is garlicky, sweet, and spicy. It's the perfect sauce to braise with spareribs.Go as spicy as you want! Add more Sriracha or labuyo if you need more heat. ...

WATCH: These Crunchy Onion Rings + Sriracha Mayo Dip are the Perfect Holiday Appetizers!

The super crunchy and tender onions rings come alive with the tangy, sweet and spicy dip!
You can make onion rings right at home! This isn’t like any onion rings you’ve had though. Marinating the onions in buttermilk gives you tender onions without the spicy aftertaste that lingers way beyond its due. The double coating of crispy breadcrumbs ensures crispiness ...

Salted Caramel Pork Recipe

Pork meets sweet and salty in this fun recipe. Pass the rice, please!
Give sweet and sour pork a makeover using our recipe. Pass the rice, please! ...

Honey Sriracha Salmon

This dish is a perfect mix of spicy + sweet flavors!
This dish is a perfect mix of spicy + sweet flavors! ...
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