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Chiffon Cake with Cream-O Buttercream Recipe

The cookies and cream frosting is irresistible!
This is one cake that you'll want to serve for a special occasion! This classic chiffon recipe is made super decadent and delicious with a cookies and cream flavored buttercream made with crushed Cream-O cookies.  ...

Easy Vanilla Cake Recipe

This is the easy vanilla cake recipe every party needs.
There are many easy cake recipes you can make but this is one vanilla cake recipe that doesn't require a special cake pan. In fact, you don't even need a cake pan for this recipe and that's what makes this a wonderful and easy cake recipe.It's called ...

This Is The Buttercream Frosting You Should Use for Baking in Hot, Humid Weather

This type of frosting can handle the heat better than the others.
We’ve all experienced it: the frosting on your cupcake or cake frosting melting during a particularly humid day. While melting is inevitable if no extra steps are taken to keep the desserts as cool as it can be in the summer heat, there ...

Funfetti Cupcakes Recipe

These soft and moist cupcakes have a colorful surprise inside!
These soft and moist cupcakes have a colourful surprise inside! Keep it simple by topping it with a light vanilla Swiss meringue buttercream.  ...
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