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This Is The Difference Between Tablea and Chocolate

Tablea is different from high-quality chocolate, but it's good to know how to use it.
Our local chocolate has received global and international recognition in recent years. We know of at least three amazing local chocolate makers and producers who have garnered acclaim abroad. It should be no wonder. The Philippines is located in the area where cacao trees are naturally grown. Ironically, ...

Pinoy Pantry: Get to Know the Local Tablea

Turn your favorite Filipino pantry staples into culinary creations!
Get to know your Pinoy ingredients and turn your favorite Filipino pantry staples into culinary creations! If you have tablea chocolate sitting in your pantry (we know that you likely have them), a satisfying Pinoy merienda is only a few minutes away. Adjust ...

Tablea Tips: Things You Need to Know About Filipino Tsokolate

Mmmmm, chocolate.
It’s no big secret that most everyone loves chocolate, especially Filipinos. While our chocolate culture isn’t exactly endemic to us (historians say that it was the Spanish who brought chocolate to our shores from Mexico), that doesn’t mean that it isn’t deeply-rooted ...
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