Red Rice Tablea Champorado Recipe

Turn champorado into a wholesome bowl of goodness by using red rice!
Turn champorado into a wholesome bowl of goodness. Using red rice gives it a boost of fiber, while the pure cacao adds a rich, dark chocolate delight. ...

Make Your Own Red Wine Hot Chocolate This Christmas

Sip on thick, earthy, and delicious tsokolate with a twist: red wine!
Red wine hot chocolate is the drink that rocked the Internet in the late months of 2016—it has received nods from the likes of Martha Stewart and The New York Times, and food websites like The Kitchn and PureWow have stirred up their own versions ...

Tablea Tips: Things You Need to Know About Filipino Tsokolate

Mmmmm, chocolate.
It’s no big secret that most everyone loves chocolate, especially Filipinos. While our chocolate culture isn’t exactly endemic to us (historians say that it was the Spanish who brought chocolate to our shores from Mexico), that doesn’t mean that it isn’t deeply-rooted ...
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