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Spicy Adobong Tahong Recipe

Tahong turns into a delicious adobo.
Craving for seafood and loves adobo? Why not combine both? ...

Sizzling Spicy Tahong Recipe

It's the perfect meal to munch on over drinks!
Looking for an alternative to the usual sisig beer match? Queue in this sizzling and spicy tahong dish. No need to peel each individual piece of mussel from its shell. Bring out your drink, simply spoon it off the plate, and enjoy. ...

How To Bake Tahong + More Tips You Should Know

Here are tips on how to prepare and bake tahong easily.
Tahong or the Asian green mussels are easy to prepare and bake for cheesy tahong. These local shellfish are fabulous as the food pairing for your ice-cold drinks with friends, but these baked tahong aren't just fit to be appetizers. It's a delicious dish ...

Tom Yum Mussels Recipe

This tahong recipe is made super delicious when cooked in a spicy tom yum soup.
If you love tahong, take a break from usual tinolang tahong recipe and make your mussel recipe spicy. This seafood recipe is made spicy because of the spicy tom yum soup base. It's the tahong recipe you wished you could sip on cold, rainy days when you ...

4 Delicious Ways To Cook Tahong

Tahong, or mussels, are so easy to cook, you can do it differently every time.
Tahong, or the Asian green mussel, are a delicious shellfish that is one of the more affordable bundles you can get at your local palengke or supermarket. It's plentiful when available, and best of all, it makes a great meal. If you love tahong, just always ...

Ginataang Tahong Recipe

This recipe is tasty, creamy, and loaded with succulent mussels.
Many tahong recipes are simple yet flavorful, and this is no different. The ingredients to make this recipe is enough to make sure that every bite you take of either the mussels or the thick sauce the seafood are tossed in is bursting with flavor. Think of ...

Tahong sa Tinola Recipe

Pwede kang magluto ng tahong na simple lang pero masarap!
Kilala din bilang sinabawang tahong, ang seafood na ito ay simpleng luto lang kailangan! Pakuluan lamang at dagdagan ng konting pampalasa at tapos ka na. Hindi kailangan ang maraming sangkap o kakaibang lasa para lang maging masarap ito.  ...

Clam and Tahong Chowder Recipe

This clam chowder is chunkier and more filling with cream and meaty tahong.
Make classic clam chowder even meatier by adding tahong into the mix. Get the freshest seafood you can find! This soup recipe can serve as the perfect appetizer or side dish for weekend dinners.  ...

Tahong Recipe with Crunchy Garlic

Get the freshest tahong that you can find to make these crunchy appetizer!
This seafood dish is the perfect party appetizer! It uses our green mussels, or tahong, as the main ingredient and it's plain delicious. The trick to cooking tahong and making it into appetizers like these is to cook the shellfish at the last minute before stuffing it ...

Halaan at Tahong sa Gata (Seafood in Coconut Milk) Recipe

Taste the sea in this light seafood dish.
This seafood dish is light and tangy! Find the freshest clams (halaan) and mussels (tahong) possible. Give it extra oomph by adding a squeeze of citrus juice.  ...

Adobong Malunggay at Tahong

The malunggay and iodine-rich mussels combo make this a nourishing meal.
The malunggay and iodine-rich mussels combo make this a nourishing meal. ...
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