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This Brown Sugar Drink Is Made With Sweet Yellow Mangoes!

This Hong Kong brand uses Philippine mangoes.
Hui Lau Shan is a Hong Kong brand known for its mango beverages. Last August, they launched their new Brown Sugar Series, but it was not available in all branches then. If you weren’t able to try it, don’t worry! Because of ...

Yes, You Can Buy Milk Tea Pearls In This Supermarket!

Now you have no excuse to make milk tea at home.
All you need to make classic milk tea at home is tea bags, milk, and tapioca pearls. Tea bags and milk that come in different flavors are readily available in most supermarkets, but tapioca pearls are harder to source. Sure, there are ...

You Can Now Add Milk Tea Pearls To Your Iced Coffee!

It’s the best of both worlds.
Whenever you need the extra boost to jumpstart the day, there’s always good ol’ coffee to save the day. If you’re craving milky and caffeinated drinks, there’s milk tea with boba pearls. We have good news for people who cannot go through a week ...

Taiwan's Famous Brown-Sugar Milk Tea Is Coming To Manila!

They stir-fry their pearls!
Even though we're entering a new year, the milk-tea craze shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, it might just get even bigger from here: Xing Fu Tang from Taiwan is bringing their brown-sugar milk tea to Promenade Mall, Greenhills in ...

This Is How You Can Make Your Favorite Milk Tea At Home

It's easy, simple, and one you can instantly turn into a small business.
The milk tea craze may have come and gone but it's still a beloved drink. Whether you're a fan of the drink only when the sun is out or truly a milk tea fan ever since, it's a drink that's easy to enjoy. What's ...

WATCH: It's Easy to Make Milk Tea at Home

It's extremely easy to recreate your favorite milk tea at home!
The milk tea craze found many, both young and old, lining up at milk tea places just to drink the then-cool and hip drink. While the fad may have diminished from the initial frenzy when it was first introduced to the market several ...

WATCH: How To Make Melon Sago

This refreshing melon dessert is a layered cup of sago pearls in sweetened cream, melon strips, and melon-flavored gelatin cubes.
Take advantage of the melons currently in the markets and make this refreshing dessert. This melon cup is made of layers of sago pearls tossed in cream, strands of melon, and gelatin cubes infused with fresh melon juice.The melons you use are key to ...
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