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This Tapsilog Burger Has Buns Made With Garlic Rice!

This is perfect for busy mornings.
B.A.D. (or Badass Delicious) Burgers is Resorts World Manila's new food venture made especially for all burger fans. Their burger menu boasts of 8 unique flavors that will definitely make you curious enough to try it out. Case in point: the Tapsilog Burger.The Tapsilog ...

Tapsilog Sushi Bake Recipe

Transform your breakfast into the latest food trend!
The sushi bake is one of the most popular food trends to emerge from the quarantine. The most common is the deconstructed salmon sushi, but not everyone loves fish! We took your favorite tapsilog breakfast meal and transformed it into a sushi bake. It topped with a ...

Here Are All The Ways You Can Make Tapsilog

This typical Filipino breakfast can be as hearty as you want it to be.
One of the best Pinoy breakfast meals is the tapsilog. Tapsilog, or the portmanteau of tapa, siningag, at itlog, is a common breakfast meal that can be served at any time of the day! It's the combination that makes it so versatile for any ...

Filipino Beef Tapa Recipe - Paano Lutuin At Mga Sangkap

Walang almusal ang kumpleto kung wala ang paboritong tapsilog.
Walang almusal ang kumpleto kung wala ang paboritong tapsilog! Madaling gawin ang beef tapa: mabilis lang itong gawin at madaling makabusog. Ihain kasama ang sinangag na kanin sa bawang at piritong itlog. ...

Classic Beef Tapa Recipe

No breakfast spread is complete without the classic tapsilog.
A breakfast spread is not complete without tapsilog! Beef tapa is easy to make: it’s a cinch to make and will satisfy the biggest of appetites. Serve with fried rice and fried eggs. ...

WATCH: Silog Combos You Need to Try

Pinoy-perfect meal!
Take sinangag (fried rice) and itlog (eggs) to the next level with these delicious silog combo ideas! ...

6 Fried Rice Recipes to Go With Your Tapsilog

Tapsilog just got more exciting with these sinangag recipes!
Tapsilog—the quintessential Pinoy meal which consists of tapa, singangag (fried rice), and itlog (fried egg)—is a hearty protein-rich morning meal a lot of Filipinos love. How to make your tapsilog more exciting? These six fried rice recipes will help you mix and ...

Tapsilog Idea: Host a Brunch Buffet!

Fried rice and eggs always lead to amazing mornings.
.Tapsilog is a Filipino meal which puts together tapa (marinated or cured beef strips), sinangag or fried garlic rice, and itlog or fried egg. Tapsilog is commonly consumed during breakfast but the meal is as good for any time of the day. ...
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