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We All Need To Stop Eating Tawilis Before It's Too Late

We only have one shot to save the Tawilis.
For as long we all can remember, we’ve all been eating tawilis either as boiled, skewered, canned or deep-fried dish without a second thought. Although this freshwater sardine can only be fished out of Taal Lake, it’s shipped everywhere and we all get ...

Fried Tawilis Recipe

Make fried tawilis more exciting with three different kinds of dipping sauces!
Fried tawilis comes together in only a few minutes, and is even better with fun dipping sauces (sawsawan). These three dips are super easy to make!  ...

Homemade Spanish-style Sardines Recipe

Anything homemade is always extra special and this Spanish-style sardine dish is no exception.
Savor the bold flavors this Spanish-style sardine dish has to offer! Anything homemade is always extra special and this recipe is no exception. It may take some time in the pressure cooker, but this makes your fish much more tender. Definitely something ...

Stuffed Tawilis Recipe (Stuffed Freshwater Sardine)

No tawilis? Then use galunggung or any small fish available.
The tawilis is usually served crispy, smoked, or salted and dried, but you can also experiment with it using various ingredients. There's also no need to scale these slender freshwater fish. Notawilis avilable? You may use galunggung (mackerel) or any small fish that's available. ...
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