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Get Big Discounts On This Pressure Cooker And Wok This Week

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You've probably been hitting "add to cart" a lot recently. There's just something about being stuck at home that makes you want to improve your space with better and new items. But hey, no judgements here; go ahead and treat yourself! Plus, ...

For One Day Only: You Can Shop This P13,500 Pressure Cooker For Just P100

Mark your calendars!
If you're looking to level up your cooking skills at home, you may want to get a pressure cooker, which will allow you to speed up cooking time by allowing your food (especially meats) to be exposed to higher temperatures compared to ...

Grills You Can Get Delivered If You Want to Have K-BBQ At Home

No need to go out to get the full experience!
Before quarantine in Metro Manila, Korean barbecue spots had become something of a pastime in the Manila—pretty much every KBBQ restaurant boasted a line snaking outside its doors on weekends. However, with quarantine now over three months long, you may be feeling ...

This Super Smart Rice Cooker Can Replace A Lot Of Your Appliances

Small kitchen? Make your rice cooker earn its space!
A small kitchen shouldn’t stop you from having wonderful home-cooked meals. This smart rice cooker can slow cook, steam, reheat, keep warm, sauté, sear, fry, and even bake.  Yes, this rice cooker can bake. Tefal recently launched the Spherical Pot Rice Cooker line and it may ...
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