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Tim Hortons Has A New Sweet And Savory Doughnut + The Cheesecake Factory Promo!

Yes, this doughnut is available for delivery!
Just in case you missed it, Tim Hortons added a new doughnut to their menu which will surely call out out to your sweet and savory cravings. Meet the Maple Bacon Donut (P65/piece), a soft doughnut ring dipped in maple fondant and topped ...

The Cheesecake Factory Will Release An Ice Cream Line

Cheesecake fans will love this.
The Cheesecake Factory is a popular American food establishment known for its decadent cheesecakes. How to make it better? Their cheesecake in ice cream form! The Cheesecake Factory collaborated with Wells Enterprises, Inc. to release an ice cream version of their famous cheesecake flavors. All ...

You Can Now Grab A Slice Of The Cheesecake Factory Cakes At Tim Hortons

You must pair it with coffee!
The Cheesecake Factory is popular for its cheesecakes. Since the Philippines doesn’t have its own branch of The Cheesecake Factory (hopefully, soon!), the next best thing you can do now is to go to Tim Hortons. Now, you can pair your cup of ...

You Can Get These Cheesecake Pops Again at S&R!

They now have a matcha-flavored one!
For a limited time only, S&R Membership Shopping made our sweets-loving hearts leap with joy when they launched their Cheesecake Pops (P89/stick, P149/two sticks). If you missed them the first time, you're in luck because S&R is bringing them back until the end of the year!Aside ...
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