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Chocolate Brands From The Philippines Win Major International Awards

More reasons to be proud of our local food industry!
The Philippines is home to amazing food finds, thanks to the many creative and talented local players that continue to come up with innovative and great-tasting products. Here are more reasons to be proud of what we've got: A number of Filipino ...

Kumori's New Dessert Combines Pillowy Marshmallow And Addicting Local Chocolate!

We're big fans of the local bean-to-bar chocolate maker!
There's something about the combination of chocolate and marshmallows that never fails to please us kids at heart. Well, your inner child better be ready, because Kumori just dropped their newest treat, the Signature S'mores Tart. Made in collaboration with local bean-to-bar ...

This Philippine Chocolate Has Made Its Way To Paris, France!

Good news for the French!
Locally-made chocolates are making its way to other parts of the world! Theo and Philo, a bean-to-bar artisan chocolate from the Philippines, is now available in Paris, France.In an Instagram post, the brand announced that Theo and Philo chocolates are now available at Kosak Paris, a premium ...

Your Guide To Davao Chocolates + Where to Buy Them

Support local!
Who doesn’t love chocolate? Certainly not us. Locally, Davao has made a name for itself as a source for high-quality cacao beans, with lots of local chocolatiers using these beans to create their bars and more. Plus, a lot of them work ...

This Local Chocolate Is Infused With Tanduay Rum

We don’t mind getting drunk on this chocolate.
If you're tired of the same chocolate bars, then you have to try Theo and Philo’s new Tanduay chocolate bar!Theo and Philo, one of the local chocolatiers in the Philippines, concocted a new chocolate bar infused with Tanduay rum. The new chocolate ...

These Local Food Businesses Help Out Communities

Let's start patronizing our own!
Mindful consumption is not just a buzzword—it's a lifestyle that a lot of people are turning to and making sure daily choices, including our choices in food items, support businesses that give back. Human Nature supports this lifestyle by carrying items driven by the ...
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